Addict or Not, Drinking Alcohol or Using Drugs as an Adult Is Cowardice

Normal adult human beings understand that adult life is challenging, that is does not entail feeling good 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They understand that it can be exhausting, uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful. They understand that it requires the strength and will to walk through difficulty of all sorts. They understand that it involves being tested, perhaps daily.

Normal adults, especially normal adults with children (as those without children are still wired to be more self-focused) realize that they have a human responsibility to act in a way that they would recommend for all others. Many of these people are people of faith and their lives tend to make sense as they grasp the importance of moral principles and consequence, or cause and effect. Normal, sane adults understand that everything we do, say and think matters. With every word, every action and even every thought, there will be consequences to the individual, to the family and to the entire world.

Therefore, any grown man or woman, whether addicted or not, who chooses to avoid the reality of adult human life by drinking alcohol or using drugs (including, of course, prescription drugs), is a coward. There is really no better way to describe the drinking or using adult man or woman, and again, especially the adult who has children, as a coward. It can be considered a developmental flaw, if you will, as the self-medicating adult continues to see life as a child and respond to life as a child… as someone who avoids any and all discomfort at the expense of their body, at the expense of their children, at the expense of their career, their larger community and the rest of the world. This sort of selfish behavior also comes at the expense of the adult’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. So not only is it childish, but it is also a moral failure.

There is no way around any of that. There is no academic or ridiculous progressive argument that can be made to disprove any of that. It is logic, it is common sense and it is also proven in every case through experience – through cause and effect. End of story.

This being true, don’t get the wrong impression. I am a deeply flawed man and make so many mistakes everyday that I cannot keep track. I am a sober man, married with children, who believes in God and tries to follow Christ, but spiritual and moral health is a lifelong journey, and I admittedly have much work to do.

One final comment as we navigate the current communist takeover of the world. If you are hypnotized, under mind control, or triggered by this, then just click away because there is no hope for you. If you are sane, awake, have a brain and think for yourself, then this is quite important. This tyranny will not end until we stop complying. Compliance is complicity. Refuse to comply at all costs. Do not suffocate yourselves or your children under any circumstance with a dehumanizing face diaper. And most important of all, do not ever leave you children in any environment that you cannot control. The agenda behind these highly poisonous jabs is mass genocide. Sure they are also billions for Gates, big Pharma and many others who have whored themselves to the WEC etc. but the primary agenda is depopulation. Additionally, it is control of all resources and agriculture. As well, it is the total control of what remains of the human race via digital currency, which is slavery. If you cannot see this, you are either brainwashed or willfully ignorant and blind. Wake up, I beg of you, or your children will not see freedom until there is blood in the streets. Trust me, the people behind this scam are power-obsessed megalomaniacs. They are absolutely satanic.

Stay very close to God and may you find Him through Christ.

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