Newsflash: Addicts and Alcoholics LOVE Drugs & Alcohol

     It is a myth that addicts and alcoholics hate drugs and alcohol and are just victims of some dark entity that took them over involuntarily. If you are an addict or alcoholic, you may or may not reject this fact. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit it is the truth. If you are a parent or a spouse, it is crucial to understand this so that you do not get deceived and taken to the cleaners by some mainstream treatment center, which is close to 100% of them. You are being lied to about addiction and addicts on every possible level. Big business recovery, doctors and government do not exist to tell you the truth. Sorry. They exist for themselves.

The truth is that addicts and alcoholics LOVE drugs and alcohol.

The truth is that addicts and alcoholics LOVE being deceitful, scheming, deadbeat liars.

The truth is that nobody becomes anything without wanting to on some level.

PS Try to also remember that these lies are not limited to the addiction and alcoholism. Anything the mainstream media or government tells you is a lie.

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