Message for Parents & Spouses – It’s Not Your Fault and There Is Nothing You Can Do

Do not let anyone deceive you about your addicted child or spouse. They have not become addicts nor do they continue being addicts because of you. There is not a single thing you have done or could do as a parent to cause your child to become an addict. Why? Because the causal relationship does not exist. It is a myth and a lie. You cannot cause anybody to do anything. NOBODY is responsible for us becoming addicts or alcoholics.

This being the truth and the reality, the same goes for the addict. They have solely caused themselves to become addicts. They have mutated themselves into addicts regardless of anything external. Take two children who suffer the same abuse – one becomes successful, the other becomes an addict. Conversely, take two children from a wonderful, loving family – one becomes an addict and the other becomes successful. Who and what we become has nothing to do with you or anyone else. We have become addicts because we are selfish beings who have chosen to indulge the flesh and preserve comfort at all costs. We are addicts because we refuse to grow up and face reality. We are addicts because we love drugs and alcohol and want to become addi’cts. We have become addicts because we are cowards who voluntarily refuse to deal with human life on Earth.

You may say, “well it’s in my genes and so it is my fault.” Not a single bit. Nobody wakes up one day when they turn 13 or 14 and suddenly they are a full blown drug addict or alcoholic. The addict is made through an endless series of selfish choices. The addict or alcoholic must use drugs or drink over and over and over and over again to finally step over that line, lose control and become an addict. So even if some proclivity existed (even though I’m sure none of you have observed the “alcoholic allele” in a Petri dish, and even if you have, I suspect you have no idea what you are looking at), that does not in any way ensure or cause the child to become an addict. We put tremendous effort into sickening our minds and our bodies (and souls) before we become addicts.

Nothing and no one is responsible for us becoming addicts and alcoholics. We have chosen to do that all on our own because we are truly selfish beings without meaning, purpose and God. So never blame yourself for an addicted child or spouse. It is not your fault, and it never will be.

Furthermore, there is nothing you can do to fix your addict, so stop trying. If you must, the only thing you can do is to stop showering them with privileges. Do not feed the addict. Do not embrace the addict. Do not give the addict money. Do not give the addict time. He or she will ride the train as long as humanly possible. They will manipulate and deceive you to no end. So if you have any chance at all, cut the addict off completely… unless they want a ride to a treatment center that will substitute the addiction with a spiritual solution. That solution is God. The addict must replace their addiction with a relationship with God and with a new purpose of service. The addict must take moral action constantly and must give his life to service. The only way to cure an illness of selfishness is to become unselfish. The only way to cure a spiritual illness is with a spiritual solution.

Please stay close to the Lord at this time.

PS Once again, remember that everything you hear on television from the media or the government is a lie. They do not care about you or your children. Be awakened with common sense and truth. Think for yourself. Do your own research. Use your brain. And pray to Christ that we return to sanity, freedom, peace and God.

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