Anyone Can Change Instantly and Create the Life They Want

As the Big Book says, “An alcoholic in his cups is an unlovely creature.” Addicts in their prime are without question rather hideous creatures. Their physical appearance is atrocious. Their behavior is worse – loud, annoying, infantile, narcissistic… the list goes on. There is much to loathe about the active addict and even more for the addict to loathe about himself… but that is not necessarily his or her endgame. The addict’s future is as of yet undetermined. While it may seem completely unachievable and even outrageous to picture the active, emaciated drug addict as a clean, robust, successful person surrounded by a loving spouse, children and friends, it is not impossible in the slightest, and that is what I want to focus on in this post.

I’ve met many people even months after having a spiritual experience and being restored to sanity by God who were shocked to hear that I was not only an insane, dirty, skeletal drug addict, but that I was so recently. The point is that the power of God has no limits and thus the human mind and soul can also be very powerful. Just as we devolved into drug addicts and alcoholics, we can evolve and change into Godly, strong, successful men and women. I achieved more in one or two years after finding God and taking consistent right action than in the entire preceding 28 years of my life. The future is completely open and can be molded and created in any way that we want.

It’s easy to get cynical today with all of the bullshit and ignorance. But the law of cause and effect, for instance, is true and it is sacred… and it applies to everybody. We can, with God, create any life we want… any reality we want. With God, all things are possible. We simply have to access Him and harness His power and the power within.

The law of cause and effect occurs both externally as well as internally. It also crosses these realms as well. If you judge, you will be judged etc. As well, if you help others and do service, you may receive the blessing of financial abundance or some desired career opportunity. All good thoughts, words and deeds yield the same or more in return. Sure we cannot know God’s timing, nor can we dictate the way in which we receive, but we will. Often when I try to force my self-will and grasp at something worldly, it is elusive, but when I let go of it and focus on service and right action, it comes.

The law of non-resistance is another such law. What you resist will persist. Stop fighting with yourself – your thoughts and your feelings. Embrace them. Sit right down beside them and embrace them. Own them. They are part of you. When you stop trying to destroy them, when you stop fighting and resisting them, guess what? They will miraculously move right through you and disappear. It’s the same with our fears. Do that which you fear and the fear will evaporate. Walk into your fears and they will soon lose power over you. They are not real anyway. Fear and worry are the greatest human illusions and they are the opposite of physical health, spiritual health and prosperity. If you worry and fear, what you worry and fear will come true. You will become broke, sick and imprisoned. The people I know who walk around in a state of utter paranoia are the ones who are always sick. That is not a coincidence.

So I suggest to addicts and to anyone else enslaved by fear and negativity that nothing will change if we do not change our attitude… if we do not BELIEVE… if we do not act ‘as if.’ Think positive… think of yourself as successful… act like a person who is sane and moral and good and you will literally become that. If the addict simply begins thinking right, speaking right and acting right, he or she will become right. We change through action, and that includes our thoughts and our words.

Go ahead, change. No one is stopping you but yourself.

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