Newsflash: Addicts don’t listen to removed, theoretical Harvard grads, scientists, doctors and psychologists. They listen to people who have used and felt the way they have… and then became free men and women, glowing with spirit and committed to health. Furthermore, any addict who is honest with themselves knows that he or she is spiritually ill and that drugs and alcohol are just symptoms. Our problem is not drugs and alcohol. Our problem is mental, emotional and spiritual. Being “educated” myself, which as it pertains to solving addiction is not a tool but a failure, I have found through life experience that “educated” individuals are often the most blind, clueless and crippled when it comes to serving addicts and applying solutions in the real world.


Maybe you should post the thoughts of the person you are challenging here. Anyone who insists that the only path to recovery is God is killing people, especially when they make recovery into a political issue that is undermined by elitists. You are also killing people by insisting that treatment through therapy and medicine is a reflection of some elitist approach to addiction. I will be happy to debate you, anytime or anywhere, as you would be easy to disassemble and expose in the sunlight.


How ironic the notion that I am killing people by suggesting spiritual growth but it is not killing people to perpetuate their addiction by giving them a different brand of taxpayer-funded opiates… let alone giving them reasons why they use drugs and alcohol in therapy (reasons being excuses, of course). I have destroyed these dangerous myths a hundred times over for years.

Sadly, this intense hatred for God, logic, and true freedom is why we still have so many addicts. “Every patient cured is a customer lost.” – Big Pharma

Finally, this aggressive ambition to debate is everything that is wrong today. Addicts don’t need intellectuals to debate and fuel their egos by winning arguments. Quite the opposite. They need to stop talking and take right action. It is right action that heals us, not people competing academically who are not addicts, do not understand the mind of an addict, do not understand the nature of addiction, and have not used and felt the way we have… and then recovered. Trust me, if you knew the mind of an addict, you would see the light… well, maybe.

I will pray for you. May God comfort and bless you.

Take note: guys like this don’t really give a shit about addicts and alcoholics getting better and going on to live a life of purpose and meaning (otherwise the comments would be feee from obvious vitriol). Guys like this care about stifling free speech and anything that disagrees with their Godless ideology and business model of poisonous pharmaceauticals and fee-for-faux friendship… i.e. therapy. Both are hocus pocus phony “sciences.”

I am unmoved and unffected. I will continue trying to remove bullshit from addiction and recovery. I will continue to help addicts find a life of value and service. And I will never stop carrying the message of the spiritual solution.

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  1. You are killing people with your myopic, rigid platitudes. Let me know when you want to have a full, open debate on these issues. Until you post my concerns, your concerns about free speech seem to be a bit self-serving. What are you afraid of?

      • I am free to write anything I want, and this is my experience. If you have some sort of blood lust, feel free to start a blog about how much you hate mine. I hope you find happiness and peace some day.

      • One last thing. Many people just like you have tried to rattle me. It’s a fruitless endeavor, as I am and will be forever undeterred in expressing the truth about my life experience. Addiction is a spiritual problem, and that is the truth, regardless of disbelief or dislike.

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