Try Talking to Some Parents or Spouses

Someone recently commented that I am essentially a deranged coward and make patently false assumptions and insults. Interesting. I’m stumped, because while this guy is clearly unable to comprehend the message of truth regarding addiction and recovery, I also feel compelled to try to help him see straight.

A few points:

Go talk to some moms and spouses of drug addicts and alcoholics, and then please reassess your intellectual approach, which is empty of the real world, let alone the real experience of addicts and those they abuse. Talking to some parents and spouses of addicts should be eye-opening for you and will perhaps dissipate some of the programming you’ve ingested.

Second, and this is where we see that progressivism has indoctrinated everyone regarding addiction, but the approach you subscribe to is actually the one which classifies addicts and alcoholics as permanently damaged goods – a special, unique group, different from everybody else, that must be treated like poor, sick victims who will die with addiction and, worst of all, who bear no responsibility for becoming drug addicts, corrupting their souls, and hurting everyone around them.

The progressive view of addiction is the very thing preventing addicts from becoming recovered and free, as it not only excuses their own actions and choices but it validates them as a disabled class that we must coddle and subsidize as a society. This is exactly what liberals do. They literally segregate everyone into different groups and then assign value judgments based on those groups. Screaming about various “groups” being oppressed is to define that group as being too weak or stupid or poor to think and act for themselves. This approach is the very cause of prejudice. They concoct it out of thin air. They don’t see people as one human race – the true test of “tolerance and equality.” Special treatment of one group and prejudice towards another group is precisely the sin they supposedly oppose. It is an exercise in narcissism, judgment, ignorance and projection, and yet, they haven’t the faintest clue just how prejudiced and intolerant and truly miserable they are. The unprejudiced see everyone as human, regardless of how you look. The just assess people based on their character and ability, not their skin. Being a good person or a bad person, a qualified person or an unqualified person is an individual function, not a function of “race.”

I don’t see addicts as permanently damaged. I see active addicts as damaged, which they are. They are damaged physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. To get better and to become free, we first must understand and recognize who and what we have become. It is only through that degree of honesty that we can even begin to change. It does no addict any good to simply tell them they caught a disease, and it is no fault of their own, and you should be coddled and treated like an invalid your entire life… oh, and here are some government programs that will keep you weak and dependent and lifeless.

To truly help addicts, we must be honest about the nature of addiction and its attendant mindset and behavior, which is wholly immoral. We must then supply them with the proper substitution to the false solution of drugs and alcohol. That solution is God. Finally, for the addict to become sane and live a successful life, he or she must alter the course of their lives through action (consistent, right, moral action) and service.

So the truth is that I believe addicts and alcoholics can be some of the most talented people on Earth – but they will never realize this potential until they become sane and humble – until they find God. So your view that I am cruel because I don’t want addicts to remain in a weak state of victimhood is blind and ignorant. I want addicts to realize the truth about themselves, their addiction, and who they have become. I want them to then exorcise the mountain of emotional and spiritual poison that has built up inside thus crippling them and ruining every aspect of their lives. Finally, I want them to then humble themselves, replace their addiction with spiritual growth and God, and then run into the world and help as many people as they can. Only when addicts take full responsibility for their addiction and their past actions can they truly be free to then conquer the world and live their dreams.

Clearly you are programmed, but it’s not your fault, so please, wake up. Open your eyes. The truth is easy to see if you can simply stop ingesting propaganda. Oh, and thanks for reaching out. God bless you and may you open your heart to Christ.

4 thoughts on “Try Talking to Some Parents or Spouses

  1. Maybe you should post the thoughts of the person you are challenging here. Anyone who insists that the only path to recovery is God is killing people, especially when they make recovery into a political issue that is undermined by elitists. You are also killing people by insisting that treatment through therapy and medicine is a reflection of some elitist approach to addiction. I will be happy to debate you, anytime or anywhere, as you would be easy to disassemble and expose in the sunlight.

    • How ironic the notion that I am killing people by suggesting spiritual growth but it is not killing people to perpetuate their addiction by giving them a different brand of taxpayer-funded opiates… let alone giving them reasons why they use drugs and alcohol in therapy (reasons being excuses, of course). I have destroyed these dangerous myths a hundred times over for years. I will pray for you. May God comfort and bless you.

  2. Finally, this aggressive ambition to debate is everything that is wrong today. Addicts don’t need intellectuals to debate and fuel their egos by winning arguments. Quite the opposite. They need to stop talking and take right action. It is right action that heals us, not people competing academically who are not addicts themselves and have not used and felt the way we have… and then recovered.

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