More on the Disease Model Delusion – A Self-Defeating, Victim Mindset

Often the truth is simple yet the lie is so enticingly dressed and with such worldly, crack-like appeal that we fall for it.

Two years ago, we underwent one of the most devious, tyrannical and objectively evil mind control psy-ops in world history – the covid-1984 hoax. All of it was bought hook, line and sinker by the general public because they have already been essentially hypnotized since birth. As soon as the trigger was sent, “BREAKING NEWS! DEADLY PANDEMIC!” everybody’s brains went insane, turning into slave-like zombies, crippled with fear, falling in line, shutting themselves off from everything, double masking with gloves on while driving alone… entering a state of permanent psychosis. In the blink of an eye, your neighbor and worse, their children, became lepers, dangerous poisons that must be avoided, culled, masked, isolated. You started jumping out of their way on the sidewalk like a complete lunatic. You also began to see yourself as virtuous and superior because you dutifully followed the orders of your worldly masters. You went from a typical sheep to paranoid schizophrenic in less than a week. This is proof that the majority have become slaves – controlled and manipulated by those with the knowledge and power to hack both our conscious and subconscious minds and turn us into utter lunatics.

Worse yet, people ran to get in line to kill themselves by injecting lethal poison into their bodies. It’s perhaps one of the most mind-blowing events I have ever seen and hopefully will ever see. The entire world entered mass psychosis at the switch of a button. Forget about the fact that everything about the fake pandemic was a lie, a story, a well designed psy-op that we were plied into blindly accepting before the fact. What is much more frightening is perhaps the haste and degree to which billions upon billions of people became instantly programmed and hypnotized by the propaganda spewed out from all mainstream cultural outlets from media to government to celebrities, TV shows, ads, movies, signs, posters, highway signals, lights, words, symbols, you name it. It was all a mind control… and it was all bullshit. Ever wonder why all the covid signs, test boxes, ads and so on all used the colors blue and yellow? They were already imprinting you to be pivoted to the Ukraine propaganda.

Face it, you have been hacked. Your mind is owned by the Cult. You are owned. They know how to manipulate and control the wiring in your brain so that you make the choices they programmed you to make while believing you are acting freely and independently. They even make you believe that you are intelligent – so intelligent that you believe the “experts” and the “science.” Only stupid, evil, bigots don’t believe “the experts” or “follow the science.” LOL. It’s quite clever, albeit satanic.

Pivoting to the mind control of addiction, the disease model is one where the addict is indoctrinated with the belief that he is a victim of a blameless disease, that he has been afflicted involuntarily and thus joins the disabled class where his addict-self is to be accepted, coddled, medicated and subsidized. How self-defeating and self-destructive it is the way we look at addiction today. It is the very belief that you are a victim that prevents recovery. It is the very idea that you have some terminal disease that provides you no incentive to grow, but rather to manage and maintain your symptoms. You are told that your brain is different, that you will forever be craving and holding on by a thread, that you must avoid people, places and things that make you want to use, that you will relapse, that relapse is part of recovery, that you will always be an addict. You are made to believe that you are special and different from everybody else, which instills the self-defeating belief that you will continue to use or drink, that it is not a choice, that you have no power. All of this is programming your sub-conscious that you are damaged goods and that it’s okay and it’s not your fault, and thus you can justify and rationalize who you’ve become, that you can be coddled and kept numb by the endless substitution drugs at your disposal.

Why do you think the recovery rate is so dismal? It’s not so difficult to understand when you understand the world we live in today. It’s because the entire business model of recovery is specifically designed to perpetuate slavery and illness. They do not want recovered people. If people fixed their minds and their souls, there would be no more business, no more pharmaceuticals, no more profit. Our entire understanding of addiction is a lie. It is a lie that addicts believe, families believe, clinicians believe. It is the reason why nobody gets better. The predators know that many addicts do not really want to change, that they do not want to give up their childlike comfort addiction, that they want to set the bar as low as possible, that they want to be sick. And they reinforce this mindset through fake science, slogans, catch phrases, and so on. The catch phrase, “relapse is part of recovery,” for example, imprints the notion that you are going to relapse and that it is perfectly okay to do so. The truth is that relapse has nothing to do with recovery. That’s the entire point of recovery – you don’t relapse.

Let me ask you this: If I have the disease of addiction and will never be free from these urges, cravings and obsessions… then how am I free now? If I have forever lost the power of choice, then how do I have choice now? If I have to avoid people, places and things that “trigger” me to use (triggers do not exist, btw), then how am I free to go anywhere I want now? How have I not experienced the slightest urge to drink, use drugs or otherwise self-destruct in 17 years since I took steps, wrote inventory, made amends, turned my life and my will over to God, prayed, and was touched by Him?

The loss of power is but a temporary state… and can be regained at any point in time. Yes, we choose to become addicts, and we can just as easily choose to be free. You do not need to hold on by a thread for the rest of your life. You do not need to make yourself numb with psychotropics. You do not have to stay high AF on methadone or Suboxone. You do not have a disease. You do not have dual-diagnoses. All of your mental and emotional problems can be easily removed. Remember that addiction is not a brain disease. That is a lie. Drugs are not the problem. You are the problem. Your mind is the problem. Your spiritual condition is the problem. Your mind is broken and you have a sickness of the soul. All illness, whether mental or physical is but a symptom or manifestation of a sick or corrupted soul. All dis-ease is born from spiritual illness and moral destitution.

To achieve freedom, the addict must simply fix his mind, his heart, his soul. He needs a purpose. He needs meaning. He needs a life of service.


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