The Privileged Addict

Daddy & Holden

In 2012, I published, “The Privileged Addict.” The story tracks my descent into chronic drug addiction and the crippling depressions that ensued during periods of sobriety. I wrote this book to detail the specific set of spiritual actions that changed me forever. I felt compelled to illuminate the truth about addiction, the flaws in conventional treatment programs, and how AA has split into two different programs. More importantly, I wanted to describe exactly what I did to become recovered. Achieving physical sobriety alone is essentially useless. No offense, but what is the point of getting sober only to fight and struggle through each day, chained inside our twisted, self-absorbed minds? An addict must change from deep within, ridding himself of the poison that has brought him down, warped his mind, and destroyed all things precious in life. In the end, he or she may need spiritual help beyond the scope of human aid.

This site contains hundreds of articles I’ve written about the nature of addiction & recovery – the addict/alcoholic’s mind and behavior… how we think, scheme and manipulate… how we steal your time, energy, love and money… how we continue to fool you that we are victims and that you are doing the right thing by enabling us. Other blogs discuss families, spouses and codependency – how not to help us, how to act counter-instinctually, how to nourish and care for yourself. There are many articles on the myriad of specific tools and spiritual actions we can harness to access the power of God and apply Biblical truth such as the Twelve Step actions, prayer, service, meditation, exercise, menial activities, philosophical wisdom/insights, and on and on. There are articles on various traditions, on natural and universal truths such as cause and effect, non-resistance and letting go absolutely. There are articles on the failure of mainstream treatment strategies such as CBT therapy, harm reduction, relapse prevention, trigger identification, role play, individual therapy, group therapy, the industry of psychology and psychiatry, psychotropics and other pharmaceutical interventions. There are also many articles that discuss periphery topics such as our rather dark and depraved shift in culture and our current mainstream approach to addiction, the disease model, the so-called “compassionate” model, and the pressure to seek solutions in all the wrong areas, such as substitution drugs and your pocketbook (think big business recovery model – cushy, expensive tx centers, relapse, wash, rinse, repeat). Finally, you will see how addiction and the failure of conventional recovery relates to our current political and economic shift away from freedom, God and universal moral truth and closer to tyranny, state control, socialism, censorship, moral relativity and other degenerate and destructive agendas.

The site also contains summaries and links to the three books I have written, all of which can be accessed on the books page. As well, there is a page of the many quote pics or memes I have created that can be easily shared as a means of planting seeds where needed and when appropriate. 

This site will open your eyes about addiction and recovery. It will illuminate many truths that you may feel in your gut but are suffocated, censored, smeared and attacked in our mainstream forums and media of today. My only hope is to express what I have learned through experience and to provide some use to others who are suffering, confused and lost in the chaotic insanity of addiction and alcoholism. With that said, please read, comment and enjoy. 

God bless you.