Most People in AA Are Not Alcoholics

     No offense, but most people who go to AA and say how meetings and the fellowship and calling their sponsor kept them sober all these years are not actually alcoholics. I’m not saying they’re not wonderful people who deserve a social group and what have you, but they are not alcoholics. They’re actually just pretending to be alcoholics, and again, I really mean no offense. Most people in AA are heavy or even moderate drinkers whose lives are affected by alcohol in some way, but they can stop on their own willpower. They have power over alcohol.

     The true alcoholic is powerless over alcohol. When we are truly powerless, meetings and fellowship and sponsors and sobriety coins and slogan recitation and putting chairs away and stuff cannot keep us sober. It’s all good and well, but none of it can keep a true alcoholic from drinking. None of that stuff has the power to lift his obsession, which is basically the equivalent of making a lunatic sane again, which pretty much requires nothing short of a miracle that is earned through rigorous internal work in which the addict’s heart, soul and brain are completely rearranged and fundamentally altered.

     The other night, a woman in my friend’s group said how the key to recovery is time, though nothing could be further from the truth. She was a sweetheart, but not a real alcoholic. For a real alcoholic, recovery is not a function of time at all. Time gets us worse, not better. Time is only worth as much as the actions we take during said time. I recovered quite suddenly, just like everybody I know who is recovered. Those who recover from alcoholism or addiction have had a spiritual experience that has lifted their obsession to use, restored them to sanity, and established a real and active relationship with God, as if a telephone line has been activated between them and Power, and can be tapped into or accessed when needed.

     Meeting goers are usually types who also fail to be accountable for their addiction, such as a recent ibogaine troll, who said he was a full blown addict right after the very first sip of beer he drank when he was eleven. Listen, we all know addicts are full of shit, but this nonsense is also peddled by mainstream treatment professionals; that we becoming addicts has nothing to do with us, that even the first few times we used was not our choice at all. I really can’t think of a more dangerous thing to say, forget about the fact that it is totally false. The very thing preventing addicts from getting better is just this kind of thinking, that NOTHING is our fault because we are born with this disease. 
     Not true. Everything we do is our fault, and this is PRECISELY how we recover: Total honesty and total responsibility.
     We acquire this disease by using over and over and over and over and over and over and over until we finally break ourselves and acquire this allergy or compulsion, coupled with a mental obsession that prevents us from staying stopped once we stop. Believe me, regardless of how sweet and talented and innocent you think you are or you think your child is, every addict in the world puts considerable effort into destroying their bodies and their minds enough to cross that line and become an addict. Nobody is born a full blown addict. Please. That is just wrong on its face. Nobody starts off powerless. Powerlessness is acquired through hard work and effort, i.e drinking or using like a pig, year after year.
     So there is no such thing as an eleven year old having one beer and from then on they are a full blown alcoholic. This is just too ridiculous, and it is typical of our culture today, a culture that promotes finding ways to abscond oneself from taking responsibility for one’s self-created problems and illnesses, such as alcoholism. “Well, it’s not my fault because I was eleven when I started and right away I was fully blown.” I beg of you to understand that it is no one’s fault but our own for becoming addicts.

     There is no compulsion, no actual illness or disease, until you have used a thousand times first and acquired this allergy that ANYBODY can acquire, by the way. And I realize how painful it must be to have this stuff explained continuously, but hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

You Really Have to Ask Yourself, Why Not?

     I know deep in my heart that there is no miracle drug for addiction, nor can any person, place or worldly thing change us or fix us. We absolutely MUST do the work for ourselves. Only through hard work, faith and courage might we induce a true miracle to occur, and only God Himself can perform such miracles. This I know with every cell in my body.

     So the point of this blog was really just to get people thinking, challenge some perceptions, and to inspire others to employ and engage the prophetical solution contained within the Big Book entitled Alcoholics Anonymous.

     Nine years ago, I had to have others take Steps and witness the relief and spiritual rapture that I myself witnessed while immersed in this process. Today, I have to admit the truth that I don’t really care what anybody does or doesn’t do. Sure I will continue to share my story and the solution, but there is no compulsion anymore. You really can’t chase anybody around, change them, or force them to do anything. Plus, most of us only hear and care about what we want to hear and care about.

     However, I do know that God exists, and I know that if you truly want this incredible and mind-bending liftoff into the 4th dimension of existence, you will get it and get it in spades. I had a very strange and mystical white-light experience and have been forever changed since then. Everything that used to torture me and destroy me and kill me like addiction and depression is just gone. I have always been convinced that this sort of spiritual experience and fundamental psychic change is available to anyone who does the work thoroughly and fearlessly. Today I am not so sure.

     For a miracle to occur, sure we have to do the work, but that’s the point, that there are a set of actions that can wholeheartedly restore us to sanity, effect real and lasting change, and eliminate the mental obsession to drink and use drugs. So my only question is, why not? Why not do it and give it everything that we have within us? Why not, if it will free us and give our families peace? Why would we continue to be so unbelievably selfish? Why would we continue to be such cowards when we are putting so many others in such agony?

     “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

God, I pray for all who suffer to find peace, strength, success, joy and wonder…

Problems Are Self-Created

     Most problems are just a figment of our imagination…

     It is important to remember that our minds belong to us. So often we are misguided and mistaken in holding others responsible for what takes place in our own minds. Trust me, it’s better not to have this kind of attitude and thinking. Surely we create many of our problems simply by the way in which we think about them. But we can also sit down next to our problems, become the problem, and work through it. In this way, it isn’t really a problem at all. It’s just what is, it’s just what we’re doing, just living life, doing what comes next, and living in each moment without attachment.

     The trick is keeping our minds empty, and we cannot achieve this without consistent practice or repeated action as I like to call it (including non-actions such as stillness etc). No person, place or thing can change us, but we can certainly change ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us won’t do the work because most of us don’t really want to change. Some of us might do a little work and only see limited results and say, ‘See! That didn’t work… I told you!’, but this is not really doing the work anyway because we were expecting something from it, or expecting way too much.

     So we try to just to do the work, everyday, for the sake of doing it, because it’s good for us and it’s good for others. It also teaches us who we are, and when we understand ourselves perfectly, we can understand everything. As Shunryu Suzuki says, if we understand one thing completely, we understand everything. Working on ourselves gives us the power to deduce just about anything. It give us the ability to see things as they are. And as we get better and better, it all becomes so clear.

     Tibetan Buddhists and Native American tribes like the Navajo engage in the practice of sandpainting – painstakingly constructing beautiful, elaborate and intricate designs with colored sands only to destroy them when finished. The practice is performed and used for various healing ceremonies, to symbolize the concept of impermanence and the fleeting nature of physical life, or just simply to honor the process and the virtue of letting go, not holding on, not needing recognition, and perhaps not engaging in vain admiration.

      It’s so easy to forget that the past and the future don’t actually exist, so when we go there with our minds, we are in a sort of dissociated state, not in our bodies and not in reality, which is basically a form of torture. Don’t visit the past or the future with your mind. Neither exist, so why go there? If we be where we are now and only focus on what we are doing right now, problems and worries essentially vanish, because there is no room for them in an empty mind that is living in the present moment.
     Don’t worry, I fail at this all the time. I repeatedly state that what I know always exceeds my actual practice or the reality of my life. I often doubt whether I should be talking or writing at all. One thing I can promise you, though, is that if the anti-free speech powers that be were to suddenly delete this whole site, it wouldn’t phase me at all. I am unaffected by this sort of loss. And believe me, not caring (in the healthy way) is pure freedom.

God, teach me how to let go…

Counseling & Medication Doesn’t Work, Part 1

     It is crucial for addicts, parents and spouses to understand this and not be misled by treatment professionals who don’t understand the nature of addiction. Let’s face it, if you don’t understand addiction, then you don’t know what you are treating, let alone how to treat it. Counseling and medication has never truly worked for any really bad addict, and anyone who is really honest (in the deepest possible way) will admit as much.

     The condition of powerlessness cannot be restored via typical human methods. It just isn’t possible given the nature of the condition, which is the presence of the mental obsession and a soul that is very sick indeed, a soul that is spiritually bankrupt, starving, and crying out for nourishment. Of course we are all free do whatever we want, just don’t be surprised if an addict fails miserably with therapy and medication. In fact, I would expect relapse. And I would definitely expect the addict to remain the exact same person.

     I had severe, clinical depression. Yes, the kind that is bio-chemical. The kind that all sorts of doctors and people claim can only be addressed with medication. Hmmm, that’s weird, because guess where my depression is? Gone! Oh wait, guess what again? I’m completely unmedicated, and have been since I began taking Steps almost ten years ago. Upon reading this, many addicts and parents will push the play button in their heads and say,

     “No you’re wrong, Charlie. I tried that Step thing or my kid tried AA and relapsed, so it doesn’t work for everybody!”

     First of all, which Steps did you actually take? The watered-down non-steps that are so prevalent today in AA and in most treatment centers? And did you sincerely vow to turn your entire life over to this process and to live by spiritual principles? Did you leave anything out of your inventory, even just one little thing? Did you make all of your amends? Did you continue writing inventory, praying and meditating day after day, month after month, year after year? Did you work with other addicts, taking them through the Step process as others did for you? If your addict answers yes, but failed, they are lying to you, trust me. Second, if you actually took Steps the way they were laid out in the original AA text, you would never relapse again. To see why this is, you’ll have to go back and read every single previous post, so please go ahead and do that before replying about how the Steps only work for some, or how the Steps failed me or failed my child. The Steps and God don’t fail anyone. We fail ourselves.

     Treat the core of the addiction and the chemistry in your brain changes. Actually, it has been neurochemically proven that actions such as prayer and meditation change our brain chemistry. There is now an entire wing at MGH devoted to the effects of meditation and mindfulness. Don’t you love how they call Zen Buddhists whackjobs and then once it’s proven scientifically, they take all the credit and act like they knew the entire time? There is nothing more arrogant than an f’ing doctor, besides maybe an elected official or a fed chairman.

     But forget about the chemical changes induced by just prayer and meditation. What do you think performing an exorcism of your entire life via a 4th Step written inventory and then reading it for twelve hours and then meditating on it for an hour and then getting on your hands and knees and reaching out for God with single fiber in your being does to you? Yup, that’s right. For one, it annihilates your chemical imbalance, and that’s just the icing on the cake. In fact, you’ll probably be high as shit for a good long while… but high as shit on the Spirit and Power of God. Try that for some medication.

     Before I took Steps and committed my life to spiritual growth and good old fashioned hard work, I was in therapy for years, as well as on various psychotropics, and guess what? I got worse. Much worse.

     Why is that?

     Because I knew deep in my heart that I was lying to myself, avoiding the truth, and ignoring my real problem. I knew I wasn’t addressing my core illness. I hope it is starting to become clear what addiction is, that it is nothing but a byproduct of an underlying spiritual malady, or life malady. We don’t have a drug problem, we have a life problem. We have no purpose. Simple logic thus dictates that we must be treated spiritually and given a purpose.

     There is absolutely no reason to try to treat every single skew known to mankind with a never-ending buffet of medications. Why do you think doctors are always changing the concoctions, trying new ones, taking some away, adding others? Um, yeah, because they have no fucking clue what they’re doing and what they’re really giving to you, let alone the long-term danger. Go ahead, try them regularly for a while and then go off of them one day and see what happens. You will turn into a horrifying nightmarish creature, as your depression mutates into suicidal or homicidal psychosis. Sorry, but that can’t be good for you… or the local elementary school… or the local movie theatre having a midnight showing of Batman.

     I’m also good with developing Tardive Dyskinesia from too much Seroquel. Adderall and Ritalin will cause this type of brain damage as well, amongst others, and all for a purely situational, social disorder. Put one of those kids on a ropes course or behind a computer and he’ll climb to the moon or design a computer and become a billionaire. Ridiculous. Give him an instrument and he’ll change the world with beautiful music. Give her a paintbrush and you’ll have high society bidding up her abstract paintings. Please never let anyone convince you that ADD is an actual disease.

     Listen, I’m all ears but is it not absolutely insane how hell bent we are on medicating our children into zombies? Does nobody want to deal with anything anymore? I suppose I’m not really surprised. This is what you get when the masses have been programed to expect more and more and more, and all for free, despite the reality that there is no such thing as free. By the way, anything you get for free is taken from somebody else, and take a wild guess what happens when there are more people riding in the cart than there are pulling the cart? Yup, that’s right, the cart stops. Brilliant deduction. If we cannot understand this most basic of equations, then please do yourself a favor and pare back your expectations for future prosperity.

     Part 2 re counseling and the futility of trying to figure out why we use coming up soon… We may also get into the dual-diagnosis hoax and why treating multiple disorders in an addict is totally wrong, as again, it is treating the symptoms and not the real problem. There is a difference between symptoms and core disease. Treatment professionals treat the symptoms (which is only a temporary band-aid) whereas the spiritual program of action of the twelve steps treats the core disease. The point is that drug addicts need more talking and more drugs about as much as they need to speedball heroin and crack into their eyeballs.

God, please give me knowledge of Your will for me and the power to carry it out… 

Difference Between a Typical Therapist and a Good Sponsor

     This can be summed up with one simple and inspired anecdote, told by the sponsee of a friend of mine.


     “When I tell my therapist about something that pisses me off, he says, ‘Yes I can understand why that would make you angry.’ When I tell my sponsor about something that pisses me off, he says, ‘What was your wrong in the situation? Don’t focus on others, focus on yourself.'”

     Beautiful. Clearly God was speaking through this guy, though I’m sure it was lost on everybody else in the meeting.

     God, please teach us not to ask others for answers but to find them ourselves, to focus not on others but rather ourselves, and to blame not others but rather ourselves… 

The Certification Hoax

     Just removed the self-seeking list of degrees and certifications from my bio on Amazon etc., as they really have nothing to do with anything, nor do they define, symbolize, or reflect my ability to do anything at all.

     As my wife ponders the pressure she is getting to renew some worthless certification that none of her clients care about anyway, let me explain the whole ‘certification’ thing. Being certified in counseling, for instance, is NOT a determinant of quality of counselor, effectiveness of counselor, professionalism of counselor, integrity of counselor, or being better educated or equipped as a counselor. Associations, organizations, boards, schools etc. are businesses that co-opt an industry for the sole purpose of commercializing and financializing it.

     The phrase “Certified Counselor” or and other acronym which symbolizes certification in a certain field are made up by these organizations to create a certain perception in the eyes of the counselor. This fake, made-up idea of certification seeps into our heads that we are less valid, less capable, less informed and less effective without the certification than we are with it. The idea of certifications is a ruse to make us think that we need them in order to do something, and the sad thing is, nowadays we do!

     But it’s not because we actually need them to be a better counselor, but because businesses form relationships with these associations and buy into this nonsense, thus requiring employees to be certified, which means spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and wasting time doing nothing and filling out paperwork to get another piece of paper that says that some random group of people have now certified you and you are ready to go; that is until two years rolls around and you have to pay another few hundred or thousand or whatever to re-certify and take a quick course that does absolutely nothing to make you a better anything.

     My ability to help others has nothing to do with school or degrees or certifications. My ability, like anybody’s ability, lies in who I am, in my inherent abilities and talents. Everything I’ve learned about addiction and recovery I’ve learned on my own and through my experience. And regarding the Big Book, a few junkies broke down the Big Book to me and that was that. No certification necessary. Just a couple of guys with their heads screwed on straight and common sense intact.

     To be an effective counselor, you simply have to know yourself. That’s all. If you understand yourself, you can help anybody.

     Besides that, it’s all about personality, passion, articulation, instincts and creativity. And it’s about  how much work have you done on yourself. The very best counselors are those who have worked tirelessly on themselves. They have the most to give, they are the most knowledgeable, they have the best instincts and intuition.

     Relying on someone with a degree in this or that, a masters in this or that, or ten certifications in this, that, and the other thing is usually a waste of time, as you frequently get someone who is 100% inept and incompetent. A junkie armed with facts about himself and who has prayed and meditated and made amends and served and given of himself is by far more qualified to help another addict than someone who may be aloof, disconnected, mentally ill, spiritually ill, emotionally unstable, not filled with spirit and has no direct experience whatsoever in the field in which they are working, but, but, but… they have an acronym next to their name.

     And finally, why would I blow all sorts of time and money on a certification just to enter the destroyed economy that is America? If you can’t get a job in the thing you just paid 200k to learn, you should get an f’ing tuition refund. What a scam education is. Isn’t the point of going to college to ensure that you make more money as opposed to graduating with hundreds of thousands of debt and ending up at Starbucks et al. where they call you a barista to make you feel a little less worthless. Trust me, this is no offense to baristas. I see these highly intelligent, brilliant people slaving to make coffees all day and when we gab for a minute, I soon discover they are a JP Morgan/government debt slaves for life.

     So I ask, just what exactly is the point of a liberal arts degree again? Are we all just sheep who follow the orders of the establishment? And is it any wonder that the most successful people in the entire world dropped out of college or never went altogether? I’m pretty sure they know something that the rest of us suckers don’t. But hey, if you can afford it and want to spend 4 years upside down on a keg, then fine, but if you can’t, I don’t really see the point or the virtue in debt servitude.


     So my job is to tell you the truth and help vaporize the pile of bullshit you’ve been fed, swallowed and stored up in the attic. What I won’t do is lie to you, try to sound smart, or ramble on about shit I know nothing about like your average therapist, addictions counselor, psychiatrist, academic, intellectual, meeting goer, keynesian economist, news anchor, politician, president, government agency, methadone clinic, etc. etc. etc.

     I could, however, use a little help with the parents. I can handle the drug addicts and alcoholics but, truth be told, I can’t understand POAs as much as I wish I could, as I have no direct experience with that and I’ve never been deceived and spiritually tortured by anyone to that degree, other than myself of course. Where the heck is Notmyboy? She nailed it and was a fantastic writer. Parents absolutely need to read her and learn from her.

     I used to only censor straight up hate speech, and even that only happened once or twice, but I’m becoming more and more inundated with emails and comments and I don’t have the time nor do I care to read and publish all of the nonsense. I truly hate bickering with others. It is so toxic. Trolls are so good at trying to suck you in, and everybody knows that misery loves company.

     I try not to stereotype, but I will say that the ibogaine folks appear to be somewhat nuts. I did some research for that post and observed them on various forms becoming totally unraveled. Many of them were hysterical, incoherent, verbally abusive. Maybe I’m missing something, but they all seem unstable and rather touched. I personally know a few people who took acid and went nuts permanently, ending up in asylums. It’s almost as if these guys are sort of perma-tripping.

     Here is a portion of a recent comment from an ibogaine lunatic and obvious troll, “I guess I was mistaken in thinking your blog was about helping the still suffering addict. Seems you have other motives. Funny too since your post doesn’t mention anything about propping up a fragile ego or profiting from the suffering of others. I am referring to your making money selling “recovery” as you call it.”

     And then you get blessed souls like this, Looks like someone has been doing their research. I appreciate that fact! Love that you know the TRUTH…not just spiritually, but in regards to the realities of this physical realm as well. God has done tremendous work in you and look how He’s able to use you to speak TRUTH into other’s lives as well. We are surely in the last days…darkness is growing darker and the light is getting lighter. God said he would bring all things to light and the enemy’s lies, deceit and hidden agendas are being revealed. Thanks for all you do brother! Keep it up…you truly are in the Army of God!!!”

     Let me mention a few things just to clear it up for all of the losers out there. See Why I Do This for greater elaboration on why I’ve wasted so much of my time writing all of this shit.

     One frequent criticism I get, such as from the above ibogaine troll, is that I’m just selling books and profiting off of the suffering of others. Lol. Classic. What a cop out. You could say that about anything and anyone. Jealous types are doing this quite a bit now in this country. Thanks to the disgusting propaganda from the powers that be, making money is now considered evil, and in America of all places, where free enterprise and freedom to excel is EXACTLY what built this country and made it great.

    But don’t fret, because there is no profit in this. There is no book deal. There is no glory in publishing my dirty, humiliating past and my experience as a selfish, deranged, disgusting drug addict. There is no glory is exposing my endless failures, and my eventual path to recovery.

     Doesn’t this guy know that the only people who make money writing books these days are vacant celebrities, soft pornographers, sociopathic presidents and politicians, and x-chairsatans of the federal reserve? Guys like me who self-publish books through don’t make money, so I hate to disappoint you. But oh the brutal irony of an addict complaining about someone making money after robbing our mothers and fathers and God only knows who or what else because we refused to lift a finger unless it involved a pipe, bottle, needle or straw. So ridiculous. What a bunch of whiny socialists we’ve all become.

     Addicts and those with a similar fiber tend to believe the manchurian propaganda out of Washington that successful people are all evil and should be hung up and robbed blind, which is, of course, a loser mentality, for we are the ones who leech and suck and feed off the sweat, perseverance and ingenuity of others. If self-proclaimed victims (addicts, etc.) actually produced something and weren’t jealous and dependent on the very people they hate and are jealous of, I guarantee you they wouldn’t be repulsed by the notion of making money. It’s self-repulsion, to be sure, projected onto those of us who work, create, produce and actually add and give back to the economy and the society as a whole.

     Lastly, one of the more accurate accusations is that I don’t care about recovering addicts. I do care, but only to the extent that you get yourself better to provide relief to your mothers. I care about the people who you are ripping apart at the seams – your parents, spouses, children and siblings. Addicts need to be humbled and then offered a solution that works to build them back up. We are not doormats and I’ve never advocated guilt and self-pity. On the contrary, we take Steps and do this work to stand with our two feet on the ground and to look the world in the eye. We do this work to become confident and strong men and women who can love and forgive ourselves and others, and contribute something useful to the people around us and to the greater, larger world.

     But hey, you know what, maybe I’ll throw a bone to, say, the ones who bash me about my own personal and honest experience going to AA meetings on what is, gee, my own blog, and go to one of the plethora of shitty meetings around here 😉


    So I used to smoke a quarter ounce of indoor kind bud from Humboldt County everyday while my dreadlocks picked up various forms of bacteria and scum from the other delusional lunatics I sat around with in a circle before reggae band practice to bring Jah’s message to the people because we were oppressed and downtrodden white boys from gorgeous, affluent North Shore towns of Eastern Massachusetts who were clearly and undoubtedly oppressed by the Babylon system. Now, I realize our government is completely backwards, but if you think smoking pot all day long out of a coconut is a sign of health and virtue, than you definitely need some help. Pot is for jokers.

     Regarding the action of THC, Wikipedia states, “Via CB1 activation, THC indirectly increases dopamine release and produces psychotropic effects. Cannabidial also acts as an allosteric modulator of the mu and delta opioid receptors.” But since people only hear either what they want to hear or what they completely disagree with, and are therefore uneducable and unintelligible, let’s just use everyday language and experiential facts to shred the notion that pot is totally cool, not addictive, and not harmful in any way, shape or form. I mean, come one, it is the healing of the leaves of the fruit of the tree of life, dude, right?
     I’m sure there are tons of parents out there whose addicts have somehow managed to convince you that smoking pot all day is completely fine, not addictive, and can easily be controlled and kept to just pot. Hold on, excuse me while I go laugh. Do you know how f’ing high you get when you smoke pot, especially the type of pot that is grown today, with all of the hybrids and genetic modifications? Do you know that there are actual and severe withdrawal effects, which is the primary criteria for physical dependency? Trust me, any opiate addict telling you they are just going to smoke pot from now on = guaranteed relapse.
     I used to smoke pot 24/7. In fact, I was obsessed and thought it was sent to the earth to save my life and heal me spiritually. I studied the crystal formations under a microscope in total awe. As well, I used it compulsively. Physical addiction is characterized by the presence of craving and withdrawal, both of which I experienced constantly and in spades. One hit was never enough, and as soon I took a draw, I craved more and more. That is physical dependency, my friends. If I took one hit and couldn’t continue smoking more and more, it was a like being tortured. That is physical addiction, my friends. And after smoking non-stop for weeks or months and then running out, watch the fuck out. My brain went absolutely berserk, given that our brains are altered (re-wired) chemically when we smoke pot regularly, as they get used to the steady flow of THC.
     What do you think happens when you suddenly take away that flow of mental AND PHYSICAL relief?
     That’s right, you go insane. I became profoundly depressed, bored, anxious, restless, discontent, dissatisfied, verbally abusive, and totally lost my tempter. And every honest addict I’ve worked with personally has shared a similar experience. I had some poor guy telling me that pot has been scientifically proven not to be physically addictive? OMG, this is absolutely delusional, and if someone tells you that, run the other way.
     And it may not be your addict trying to bullshit you. Perhaps you yourself smoke pot regularly and need to rationalize your chronic pot use by telling yourself it’s not addictive. Hey, we can tell ourselves whatever we want to, but that doesn’t change the fact that pot is a drug and it is affecting your brain, and you will suffer when you run out. Ayn Rand brilliantly said, “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”
     The bottom line is that pot gets you high as shit. When we smoke pot we are erecting a brick wall between us and getting better, between us and clarity and honesty, between us and sanity, between us and God. Mood-altering drugs are the antithesis of mental and spiritual health and true wellness. Plus, do you really want to be that way? Do you really want to need to smoke pot to be okay? Do you want to be seen or known as that guy who puffs tough everyday and walks around with bloodshot, lifeless, and spiritual destitute eyes and dry-mouth, trying to dissociate from the world and from reality until you get that pint in your hands as you plop down on the couch and continue doing absolutely nothing for anybody else but yourself, not to mention the simple task of human responsibility.
     Pot smokers? LMFAO. Please. Grow up, be honest, conrtibute something, and be an example for the rest of us. What a bunch of deadbeats.
P.S. The guy who said pot was not addictive said that it was only ‘psychologically addictive’. Wow. Let me help. That term itself is an oxymoron, as an addiction is a physical condition. But the term as it is used refers to something that is ephemeral, not tangible, and thus there is really no such thing. It makes no sense, given the meaning of the two words. That said, even an emotional addiction is physical. Emotions are a form of energy, created by changes in the brain, which is physical. 
     But even the above understanding is neither here nor there because pot is also physically addictive, as the body undergoes a physical response when the drug is removed or wears off, just like the body undergoes a physical response when the drug is smoked or ingested and rockets to your brain and central nervous system.
God, please help us… 

"Why Are Recovering Alcoholics So Selfish?"

     Just came across this search phrase:

     “Why are recovering alcoholics are so selfish?”

     So sad, given the entire program of Alcoholics Anonymous warns that untreated and unattended selfishness will kill us whether we are using or not.

     “Selfishness – self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles…  So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making. They arise out of ourselves, and the alcoholic is an extreme example of self-will run riot, though he usually doesn’t think so. Above everything, we alcoholics must be rid of this selfishness. We must, or it kills us! God makes that possible.” -Alcoholics Anonymous, p.62
     Selfishness and AA is actually an oxymoron, though you wouldn’t know it today. The 12 Steps and selfishness are actually incompatible, but sadly, mainstream AA today has little to do with showing alcoholics how to recover. This new age of easier, softer ways is infecting newcomers with a sort of watered-down breed of selfish AA, all too willing to ignore the original wisdom and magic of the removal of self. Recovering from addiction was about two things: God and service. And now? Admittedly, I have no idea because I just can’t sit in meetings anymore and see what we’ve done to the program.
     A recent commenter asserted confidently that recovering and recovered mean the same thing, that it’s just “SEMANTICS”. Lol. First, since the meaning of words is all we have to convey different ideas, the notion that they are the same thing is absurd. And this is sort of irrelevant, but semantics, as it were, is the branch of linguistics concerned with meaning (sense, reference, context, implication etc.), so the cliche’ “It’s just semantics” disproves the very point it’s trying to make on its face. It’s almost as bad as when people say, “I could care less”, which means the precise opposite of the sentiment they want to convey. If you could care less about something, then you care about it. “I couldn’t care less” is the proper phraseology. No offense.
     At any rate, the above search question is from some poor soul who is obviously suffering the presence of someone ‘in recovery’, and it is proof the two terms are totally different, among other reasons. Anyone who is truly okay is no longer a selfish shithead. And that is the difference between recovering and recovered. Recovered individuals have a completely different attitude than the recovering man-child who still sees himself or herself as a victim and sees everything and everyone as an extension of his or her self, i.e. a narcissist.
     Recovering alcoholics continue to be preoccupied with themselves – their comfort, their needs, their feelings. Yup, I know, it’s rough. Don’t worry, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no angel myself, but I do know how selfish I was and I know when I’m still being selfish because I write inventory, which is also an active effort to remove the selfishness. This is crucial because selfishness is one of the most destructive forms of spiritual poison that exist. I also try to take care of my family and give most of my free time to this shit when sure I’d rather be playing golf or whining about my life in some meeting. Kidding, relax.
     Remember, what we all do is creating the world we leave behind, so forget about just being your average sheep who has yet to wake up, being an active addict or a selfish recovering alcoholic sulking around and hanging on by a thread is unacceptable. And given those who are currently in power are doing one helluva job wrecking the country and the rest of the world, the future could use as much help as possible.