Why Doctors & Pills Fail Addicts

     “…the problem with an alcoholic centers in his mind, rather than his body.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, p.23

     To become recovered, all an addict needs is a moral compass… and, of course, the power to obey it.

     If we lived by spiritual principles and did the right thing then we would fix our broken minds, thereby removing our insanity and never relapsing ever again. Unfortunately, doctors and pills cannot insert a moral compass into an addict. That has to come from within, and the power to act comes from our Creator.

     Recovering from addiction is pretty simple. The task for any addict is to restore his or her conscience and then become driven to never ignore it. Moral action restores the addict to sanity and we get back our power of choice. From there, if we never intentionally do the wrong thing, we will never relapse.

     Conventional treatment hoaxes will always fail because they do not require an addict to act spiritually, which is the solution. Chronic addicts can and will recover for good by having an experience profound enough to induce a psyhic change. Those who do not recover are simply people who don’t want to change – that is, to change completely. Some may want to change, but not completely. Only those who are willing to change completely will achieve lifelong freedom from addiction.

     I purposely didn’t use the word ‘science’ in the title because I think we have a misconception of science. I believe science only proves the beautiful and miraculous of mechanisms of God all the more. I also believe that science will one day prove or explain mysteries that we currently refute on the basis of no hard evidence. We will eventually see how the mysteries of God work, how healing takes place on non-tangible levels, how cause and effect crosses physical lines into the mental and spiritual, how the forces at work are well beyond what we can see, hear and touch.

God, help me to want to change, to be willing to change completely…


     Not only is methadone not a solution, or even a remedy, but it actively makes us worse and progresses our illness physically, mentally and spiritually. There is no place for methadone or any other such filth in addiction treatment.


     1) When I stop taking methadone, I am no better at all. I am nowhere. I still suffer from the mental obsession, and thus it is only a matter of time before I relapse. Furthermore, our illness is progressive, so the time we have wasted on methadone has only ensured a worse relapse if and when we taper off.

     2) Taking methadone is simply taking another form of heroin. It is a synthetic opiate. Sure I may not be calling Pablo for a while and I’m back home with mommy and daddy, but I’m still jammed out of my mind, still deranged and warped beyond comprehension, still contributing nothing and still the same zombie as I was before I went on the methadone. I am still an untreated addict who hurts those who love me by doing absolutely nothing with my life.
     We can only truly heal, give back and be the people we were supposed to be if we are entirely sober and have undergone a psychic change. Only then may we consistently live by spiritual principles and embrace the humility that comes with understanding that God is, and that we are only okay if we align with His will.

    3) Methadone enables cowardice. By succumbing to easier, softer ways, I have decided that I don’t have the guts or the balls or the personality or the soul to push myself, to walk through my pain, to do everything it takes to expel the poison within and then run straight into my fear and take so much action that change is inevitable. We are what we do, say and think. If we eat methadone wafers everyday, then we have done nothing and we have given back nothing, which is mind-blowing considering all that we have taken. That’s not an option. Reversing course and giving back to those we have stolen from over the years means that we run, not walk in the other direction. If we acted selfishly and wrongly, then we instead act selflessly and rightly. We have to become the opposite of what we were.

     4) By taking methadone I am actively feeding off the public trough, taking from others who work and take care of themselves and don’t become heroin addicts – the people who fund methadone clinics. And for what? So we can continue to use and take methadone? What sort of social service is that? What a waste of money and a social travesty. In fact, people should stop paying taxes until all methadone clinics are no longer publicly funded.
     5) All you need to know about methadone is that you get it from the pharmaceutical elite and the government. Anything from either institution is designed not to serve you, but to cripple you and rob you of everything you have inside and out.

God, please help the powers that be to stop crippling addicts and embrace You…

The Truth About Addiction

     Addiction is a byproduct of an underlying spiritual malady.

     Treating the specific bio-chemical elements or the side-effects of addiction is useless. Mainstream treatment is a band-aid. You are just biding time, waiting to relapse.

     Or you could become recovered for good.

     Treat the spiritual malady and you treat the addiction. Trust in the Power of God and take actions that expand His presence within you. If you rely on someone or someone’s science project to get you better, you will end up fooling yourself all over again. Mainstream treatment is just as much of a false solution as addiction itself. 

     How sad it is that we spend time, energy and billions peddling false solutions to addicts, spouses, and especially parents… when all it would take is for, as Jung says, one “vital spiritual experience” to occur. Because of the failure of medicine and science to do anything for addicts, we are relegated to such dismal, dreary and hopeless language like “recovering”, “always in recovery”, “relapse is part of recovery”, and on and on. We are considered to be standing on the edge of a cliff for the rest of our lives… and all we can do is try to ward off triggers and prevent relapse with trigger identification and relapse prevention. These lies are sold to you for profit, for if you were to actually recover, the industry vultures and puppets wouldn’t be able to prey on you anymore. So it’s true that you will always be “in recovery” if you rely on doctors and pharmaceutical companies to help you.

     The health care system will never fix a single addict. Ever. Their belief system cripples them. The only thing they know is to treat symptoms of addiction, and in doing so, they leave every addict struggling and subject to relapse at any point. No matter how much money and medical hubris they throw at addiction, they will always fail. How obvious yet wasted the truth is, as it will never be accepted by the status quo.

     The government and the health care system will never allow the wisdom and the tools of recovered addicts to influence mainstream treatment. They will never listen to fellow masters of addiction. They are too blind and arrogant. They think they know everything. The more they reject spiritual action and God as a solution, the more parents will lose their children, the more spouses will be heartbroken, and the more our world will caste an entire population as a bunch of useless, unproductive zombies who are kept numbed and dumbed down by the dishonesty of the status quo and the slavery of subuxone, methadone, seroquel, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

     If they let me at it, I would entirely change the way we view and understand addiction as well as the way we treat it, but that will never happen.

God, please help us to see past the fog and distraction of academia to understand the true nature of addiction…

Sit Down Beside It

     This blog can be tough on addicts, victims, heroes and pity pots… but I do understand that we are in pain. When we abuse ourselves with drugs and alcohol, when we abuse others and project our flaws onto them, when we become whiny, negative and full of self-pity, when we see ourselves as brilliant and superior, or when we see ourselves as the center of the universe, it is because we are in pain. Suffering does strange things to people. We either self-destruct, lash out on others, or engage in self-worship.

     But the pain is real and even though it’s imperative to own it, to be accountable for it, we also need to embrace it, befriend it, and have some compassion on it. Compassion is useful as it allows us to forgive ourselves, which opens us up to others, helping us to better love them, to love more deeply. So we do need love. We can’t just make war with our character defects. We need to understand the effect they have on ourselves and others, and then sit down beside them. By accepting and embracing them, we disempower them. We can then let them go.
     It’s also okay to be tough on ourselves. In fact, addicts need to if they are to break through the endless layers of pride, ego and bullshit. We need to shatter our self-centered frame of reference in order to become honest again, to see things clearly. So compassion doesn’t mean that we blame anyone and it doesn’t mean that we sit idly and refuse to proactively do anything about our pain. We are entitled to make mistakes but not to remain sedentary. 
     The solution? God and Purpose. Maladies like addiction or depression are simply a lack of purpose and a weak or ineffectual spiritual life. When we find actions that improve our conscious contact with our Creator and when we find a Purpose that feeds us and others, we repair naturally. 

God, teach me to have compassion on my pain, to embrace the darkness within that I may dissolve it and let it go…

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