Serving & Right Action Expands the Presence of God Within and Without

Last Sunday, our pastor elaborated on a theme I’ve tried to convey over the years, which is that the spiritual life is not an intellectual exercise but an experiential one, created and established through right action. He spoke of the sanctuary and the people and the teachings in the book of John. He said that there is much more going on here than just a bunch of random, disconnected people listening to an intellectual seminar, but rather something bigger, something alive, something powerful. When people come together with the intention to grow and evolve spiritually, the presence of God increases and the scene becomes much more than a room and a pulpit and a few breathing bodies.

This is why service is the most powerful and essential action to the life of an addict, or anyone who desires to get close to God and to evolve spiritually. Continue reading

To Invalidate the Immorality of Addiction Is Doing the Devil’s Work

I am fully convinced that the new-age, collectivist push to invalidate the immorality of addiction, and more specifically the behavior of addicts and the inevitable effects of that behavior, to be the work of the devil. Modern progressives and cultural Marxists have indeed co-opted science, sanity and sense. Everything you hear today about so-called science is essentially a joke, or just a lie. The truth is elusive – it is so simple and easy to see and grasp yet so difficult for those who’ve been dulled, numbed, poisoned and weakened mentally to a degree that is beyond repair. When you spend a lifetime ingesting poison of all kinds and when you have become brainwashed by your puppet masters, your entire world is a lie – down is up, wrong is right, lies are truth and on and on in the matrix. Continue reading

Warped Addict Perceptions, Which Sadly Includes Most Non-Addicts & People In General

Addicts and alcoholics falsely believe that their circumstances in life are the cause (and therefore the fault) of external events, other people, or even the society/culture at large and the entire world. This idea that everyone is somehow a victim of something external is one of the most depraved and destructive poisons of our time. It is ripping apart the very fabric of society. It is ripping apart families, friends and even nature itself… that is, what is natural. It has co-opted media, education and science (whatever that is). It has induced mass mental illness… fueled of course by fear, all of which is an illusion. Anyone who believes anything the media or the government tells you and anyone who complies is either mentally ill, painfully stupid or insane – perhaps all three. Continue reading