Early Privileged Addict Quotes – From TPAQ Chapter 1


“Recovery is not a function of time. It is a function of what actions we take and at what frequency we take them.”


“Recovery is not an exercise in assessing what others did to us. It is an exercise in assessing what we did to others.”


“Achieving physical sobriety is not an accomplishment, it is a requirement.Becoming recovered from alcoholism or drug addiction is not an accomplishment, it is our responsibility.”


“Resentments are like acid to the seeing eye. They burn and blind us so that we cannot see clearly.”


“We make amends for the object of our amends, not to clear our conscience.” Continue reading

The Status Quo Treatment Centers of Today are Based on Lies, Relapse and More Drugs… and are a Total Disservice to Our Loved Ones

Aside from the current worldwide coup against the people, one great travesty and disservice of today is the prevalence of useless, insurance-funded treatment centers. You might as well spend 30 days getting brainwashed by social justice warriors who preach victimhood as if it is a new religion. What pains me is that the very teeth have been taken out of recovery, and worse, God has been taken out of AA. There is no AA without God, as the very conception and purpose of AA is to teach the sick man or woman a set of spiritual actions in order to bring him or her closer to God. So I’m not exactly sure what the fuck secular AA means, but logically speaking, the term is a textbook oxymoron. Continue reading