“Charlie, thank you so much for sharing your story! You truly are an inspiration to many people.” – Marianne

“Thank you so very much for one of the best Sunday afternoons. I plan to put your book on my son’s nightstand for his return and hope that he will read it. How proud your mother must be of you. God bless you and your family. Thank you so very much for telling your story.” – Debbie

“Charlie, I just finished reading your book this weekend. While I often have portions of literature stay with me for a while, your book resonates so purely with me that I had to reach out. The final sentence in your book brought me to tears.” – Angel

“Thank you again for speaking last night. Word has gotten out what a good speaker you are.” –David

“I love your blog. I heard you speak at my college and it is true that trusting in God and relying on His Love to make yourself a better version of yourself may defeat the spiritual problem of addiction.” – Empathy Growth

“I have spent a lot of time reading your word. In my heart, I believe you are an awesome human being, but in my mind, I think you are a hero. Thank you for allowing me to understand what he feels. Much admiration for you.” – Robyn

“Hi Charlie, I wish I could have been there last night to hear you speak. I am getting a lot of great feedback from your speaking. Thank you so much for coming last night. What you are doing writing this book is providing HOPE for us. God bless.” – Joanne

“Your words gave my mother hope that one day her son could recover and be able to help others. You were a link in the chain that led me to finding a connection to God. You played a huge role in giving peace to me and my family. Thank you for doing God’s work, Charlie. I will be forever grateful to you for what you did for my mother.” –Jack

“You are a breath of fresh air. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for unknowingly answering my prayers. God bless you.” – Lori

“Powerful stuff, Charlie, wow! Thanks for your input, you have such passion and courage and are spot on with everything you say!” – Anonymous

“Hi Charlie, at the suggestion of my councilor, I just purchased your book, and couldn’t put it down! Written very well.” – Steve

“Boy you can write! You are giving me courage to speak my mind and stop biting my tongue… Hearing you speak after we were all sick with the thought of losing another member’s son to this horrible disease, it was powerful.” – Anonymous

“Your words are so brilliant. They bring me comfort and peace and remind me that life is worth living. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts of hope and inspiration. I am always moved by what you say and I feel blessed that I found your blog. Keep going!!” – Anonymous

“I cannot thank you enough. You are an inspiration. I don’t even know you and I am very proud of you ;)” –Susan

“All I can say is, what a story!!” – Barbara

“With your direction and the grace of God, my son appears on his way to getting centered. Thank you for putting yourself out there for the rest of us to be inspired.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for coming to our meeting and sharing your story. Your presence meant a lot to me as a mom.” – Mary Ellen

“I found your blog and ordered you book this afternoon…  I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. If you ever do speaking engagements, I would appreciate being put on a mailing list of some sort. God bless you and your family.” –Lisa

“I love reading your blog and love your attitude on your recovery.” – Anonymous

“This is a great site. So true, so true. You make me smile. I am going backwards here ready all of them. Wonderful words. I love this – it is wonderful. You are a great person.” -Elaine

“I started reading your site and have not stopped, taking the power back and not looking at the world/medication/doctors everybody else to solve things. Its simple, its just “I” and with God its so possible.” – Anonymous

“So enjoy reading your posts… thank you for sharing” –Anonymous

“Thank you do much for coming and speaking at our group.” – D.

“Good advice, Charlie. As a parent of an addict I am learning from you and hope that one day my son recovers just as you did.” – Anonymous

“I just finished your book. It is a great story and hit home. Thank you for reminding me that there is always hope!” – Mary

“Man, nail hit on head. This is pure AA in its finest form. Bravo!” – Anonymous

“Thank you Charlie for your contribution. You have created a great reference for many of our loved ones. I hope they take advantage of your message of hope and redemption.” –Senta

“Amazing post, thanks Charlie.” -Anonymous

“Your recent blog couldn’t have come at a better time… I wish I could show her your post…it’s exactly dead on!!” – Anonymous

“This is such an insightful post. Our focus on the self is so toxic and pervasive. Addict or non-addict, it causes malady in our lives, our relationships our society. You have hit the nail on the head.” – Kerry

“You make excellent points. I have know many addicts and their sense of superiority is what gets in their way.” –Anonymous

“I re-read your post in the context of my current situation and the truth of your post is undeniable. ‘We should remember that we cannot control other people’s lives.’” – S

“Fuck, I love this. I’m in the middle of the fear inventory right now and had a thought yesterday of, ‘What the fuck am I doing this for? Is this really gonna work? Holy crap, I am so fucking selfish and self-obsessed. I feel like a piece of shit doing this. Is this hard work worth it? Am I going to recover or is this some sort of hoax?’ I just did the work. Then this morning, I found your blog. And this post. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.” – Anonymous

 “I have your book and it is outstanding. Your contribution to people who are addicts as well as those who have been hurt tremendously by them is priceless.” – Bernice

“Charlie.. keep doing what you’re doing.. You have helped so many of us and WE appreciate and love you for it! Honestly, your book and your blogs have been a life line for me.” – Liz 

“I can’t tell you what it means to me to be able to read those articles b/c they are evidence that I am indeed not insane and that it has been the manipulation and selfishness of the addict that made me think I was. I cannot wait for your new book!” – Janet 

“Charlie, I’m sure I’m not the only one eagerly looking forward to your book.” – Anonymous

“How do you really feel Charlie? You are the best!!!!” – Tori

“Wow! This is simply superb. I am not in recovery but I am a student and friend of recovery and this nails much of what I see all around me in the UK. Thank you!” – Anonymous

“‘ Selfishness is one of the most destructive forms of spiritual poison that exists.’ This is a very good phrase to remember. Excellent post, thank you. The selfishness of alcoholics/addicts is indeed sickening.” – Anonymous

“Thank you, Charlie. Your quotes are very eye-opening for this enabler.” – Lakesidelady

“Dear Charlie, Thank you for all you have done for me. Your blog has been a blessing and I’ve learned sooooo much! I also print and send to my daughter in hopes she will absorb your wisdom and learn that there is hope… that she can be recovered and have a wonderful life after addiction. I can’t wait for your new book to come out! God Bless” – Liz

“Charlie, I can’t wait for you new book and I loved this post.” – Erin

“Thank you for writing as you do.” – Sheri

“That is a great example of how to self reflect and get answers to the problems that are bothering us. Thank you for the example.”


Charlie, I hope you know just how helpful you are to me. and I’m sure to the others that read your blog. your honesty is what I need to hear everyday. although I am not an addict I too need to follow the steps. actually, I think everyone should. thank you a million x’s my friend.” – Janet

“God bless you, Charlie, for your constant outpouring of wisdom which has helped me, as a mother, more than you can know. I am grateful to you, and grateful that I have the opportunity to support you, in a small financial way, as you support others in such life-changing ways.” – Anonymous

“Sooooo good! Charlie, you should tour and speak… And, every addict needs to listen!!!” – Liz

“Thank you for every word you write.” – Bar

“You are a blessing and continue to help me everyday.” – Liz

“Thank you – I needed to read this tonight.” – Anonymous

“Keep going in the direction you are going. You have been given great insight.” – Anonymous

“I really look forward to your posts and wish I could force them into my 31 year old addicts head! Keep up the good work please!” – Kathy

“It has been a rare occurrence in my experience to find someone as open and honest as you. It’s hard to put into words what your words have done for me.” Janet

“Who are you to say that God cannot get you better? You can’t really prove it because you haven’t tried yet, so go ahead and prove me wrong out of spite and maybe you get zapped along the way…” so many good points in your reply. Thank you. I will continue to do what I need to do. God Speed.” – Anonymous

Charlie, I for one thank God that I found your blog. I thank you for your honesty” – Anonymous

 “I emailed your last paragraph to myself. It is brilliant. Time for me to take a risk and do my life on my own. Hand holding or waiting for someone to hold my hand isn’t working and never would. Thank you.” – Donna M.

“Bravo. Beautiful!” – Anonymous

“I love this!!!! I am sending this to my son.” – Tori

“Looks like someone has been doing their research. I appreciate that fact! Love that you know the TRUTH…not just spiritually, but in regards to the realities of this physical realm as well. God has done tremendous work in you and look how He’s able to use you to speak TRUTH into other’s lives as well. We are surely in the last days…darkness is growing darker and the light is getting lighter. God said he would bring all things to light and the enemy’s lies, deceit and hidden agendas are being revealed. Thanks for all you do brother! Keep it up…you truly are in the Army of God!!!” – Anonymous

“I’m so very grateful to you. I cannot begin to tell you how perfect the timing of these posts are in my life right now. Thank you for your brutal honesty.” – Anonymous

“Such a powerful message and expressed so well. I always seem to find just what I need when I need it (divine intervention?). I’ll be printing and sharing this one. Maybe, just maybe, this will have the impact that my words have yet to have. Thank you for your honesty, sooo refreshing!” – CM

“I am SO grateful to have found you, your blog, your book, your words. Don’t ever think you aren’t making a difference. You provide such clarity.” – Annette

“I recently discovered your blog and it is helping me so much. this line…”Addicts set in a neutral position are actively moving backwards as problems begin to build up at an alarming rate.” if only my son could get that through his thick skull. anyway, thank you for the work you’ve put into this blog.” – Anonymous

“You do an amazing job of helping others. I feel very blessed to have read your book and learn from you. I really can’t thank you enough.” – Tori

“Outstanding! Keep up the good work and continue to carry the message as the pioneers did, not this watered down “take your time, it’s not race” or ” meeting makers make it” lethal garbage we hear in rooms today. Awesome article, God bless” Matt L.

“This helped me so much! I have put up with an addict for far too long. Thank you, Charlie!” – Anonymous

“Thank you Charlie for telling it like it is” – Anonymous

“Wonderfully written and hits precisely all points.” – Anonymous

“Your blog is sensational!” – Mark

“Wow this is mind opening. Thank you so much for sharing.” – Anonymous

“OMGoodness! Thank you so much for this.” – Anonymous

“As someone who has struggled greatly with being a parent of an addict.  I really cannot put into words the help and relief and education I’ve received from his writings.  Charlie, if you ever read this then know that your tireless writing and dedication to the subject of addiction has helped me immensely. He is brutally honest and shines a bright beaming light of truth and knowledge on a very confusing subject. If you know anyone who struggles with addiction or is in any way affected by it, please click over and or buy his book, his story is incredible.” – Janet

“I again just want to commend you on your wisdom, courage and the gift of writing for the Privileged Addict. I so look forward to reading your blogs and I love to share them, hoping they will help someone. Thank you so much and please keep writing.” – Gretchen

“You have created something so powerful – there is no other place online in all of the WORLD WIDE WEB. I have read some other comments and I know I am not the only one that has been so powerfully touched by your words, your strength, your honesty and really just your truth. You found the courage to put it out there and you have helped and supported so many. Personally, I’m not sure I would have made it if it wasn’t for your blog. You have personal experience, you have a beautiful way of cutting through the bullshit and getting to the meat of the matter… All of those parts are what makes you, you and what makes your writing a God send to people like me.” – Anya

“I felt compelled to reach out and thank you for your honesty and bravery. Your words touched me today and helped me to take one step further in healing myself…” – April

“I hope you truly understand how your giving back through your blogs, your first book and soon to be your second book really helps others and me being the health process and really heal. Your amazing and ongoing contributions and your tremendous gift of being able to write in such a way that not only authentically educates people but it also very much inspires us to trust the processes that you recommend and continue to do… Once I read your book and your blogs I really began to understand addiction… What you have accomplished in your life and who you have become is such an inspiration that your contributions and how you serve others will be a part of your wonderful legacy.” -Bernice

Charlie, I just finished your book. Thank you for the truth. Your book had refueled in me the necessity of action in my recovery.” – Robert

“Thank you so much, Charlie, for being of service to so many and sharing your experiences, thoughts, and words. I just found this blog recently and plan to get your first book soon. This one looks just as amazing! Please always know how much hope you give so many, and what an inspiration your words are when we most need to hear them. Your writing touches people, Charlie. You, my friend, make a difference and don’t ever let yourself believe otherwise.” – Anonymous

“This is really excellent stuff. I think you’ve struck just the right tone – well done Charlie. I am definitely buying your book when it comes out.” – Anonymous

“Thank you and I am glad that you exist!” – Anonymous

“Charlie, I’ve just recently started reading your blog, and I have to say, if this isn’t one of the most important blogsites on the internet, I don’t know what is!! I am so glad you have the freedom to take the gloves off here, and say things that have previously been unaddressed in ‘recovery circles’, and, for a variety of other unacceptable reasons, are left unresolved. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to invite those who need it most, to come and benefit from your powerful and compelling story, and your accompanying recovery dialogue. Thank you Sir, for all you continue do !!” – Charrah

“Thank you so much for the truth. Needed that. – Kathleen G.

“This is really, really good stuff.” – Charlotte

“I really loved this one, Charlie. You have a lot of good things to share, and you ARE appreciated.” – Lor

“God bless you too, Charlie. Your words have been a godsend to me! I can’t thank you enough for helping me see what recovery looks like, for its allowed me to trust myself that even in treatment, he’s nowhere close. You are so right how loved ones lose sight of what’s up or down, so much we can’t trust our own judgment anymore. Losing that was everything, for I couldn’t trust my own head or heart. But you shed light on it in such a way, I have faith in me again. I know my gut feelings, and it’s empowering to feel something and be told you’re right, no matter how many times they say you’re crazy… You validated every thought and feeling I had, Charlie, what genuine recovery is. And even more, that I do deserve more. How can I ever put a price on that gift?” – Jen

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience.” – Yvonne

“This entire post is so good… the stuff you say not only makes sense, but matches my experience living with an addict exactly, down to every detail.” –Charlotte

“Right the f on! Keep at it… an LED in the midst of a load of crap, you are. Thank you for a huge belly laugh. You are hilarious. Appreciate your work to no end. Beautiful. Thank you for taking the trouble to do this work. You are a light. Some truth, comfort and peace be found here by your readers.” –Gretch

“Thank you. You are right on with this.” –Rich E.

“There is so much truth here.” – Anonymous

“I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your blog is. That is quite an understatement. It has really blown my mind.” – Sarah S

“Hi I just finished reading the Privileged Addict I loved loved loved it and am going to post to all my friends in recovery to read it . Can’t wait to pick another copy of your next book when it comes out. You made me laugh and cry and realized even after almost 7 years clean and sober again that I have more work to do and best of all your writing made me not give up on my dreams. Thank you again for the wonderful book.” – Leslie S.

“Thank you for this!” – Insectman

“Thanks for this – exactly what I needed to hear! I am encouraged.” – Anonymous

“Hi Charlie, I bought your book this morning and finished it this afternoon. Your story is both inspiring and amazing. It gives me great hope and reminds me that if I stay with the program of action and remember that God is in charge that everything will work out and be ok. Thank you again and God bless you and your family, I look forward to meeting you someday.” George K.

“I read every word you print here. This is all so true and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you, Charlie, for all of your blog posts.” –Lor

“OHHHHMYGOOOODNESS!!!!!!!! This article SO nailed it!” – Wanda

“Charlie has a way of delivering it much more eloquently than I ever could. As Charlie said so beautifully, you deserve so much more.” –Anonymous

“I have your book and it is outstanding. Your contribution to people who are addicts as well as those who have been hurt tremendously by them is priceless. I found your blog by asking the question ‘why do alcoholics hurt people and not care.’ I have found much peace in reading your blogs” – Bernice

“I love your work.” – Barbara

“Thank you for reposting this. I’ve read it so many times I may have to start quoting you. Thank you for your blog. More than you will ever know.”

“Rereading your old blog posts to get me through the day.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for your selflessness in writing this blog. I am very grateful and appreciative of your efforts. Be well.” – Anonymous

“I hope you never give up trying to get the word out there. Why you are not on Good Morning America and shows like that just kills me. I cannot wait for the new book!” – TGC

“TRUTH!!!!!!” – Anonymous

“I think that everyone living with addicts would benefit from your blog. My husband drank and drugged himself to death. I thought if I just had the right words I could save him but he was happy with an empty life and didn’t care about me and our children. It was all about him. You are helping me understand it was never about me. Bless you, Charlie.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for writing this great blog. I think you will stay sober for the rest of your life unlike 99% of others because you stopped blaming others for the problem you created.” –Anonymous

“Thank you for another excellent post.” – Anonymous

“This is spot on, ALL of it!!” – Anonymous

“Beautifully said.” – Liz

“Your book is the closest I’ve felt to a painfully truthful conversation about the addicts perspective… thanks for the walk in your world, and for the hope.” Kathy A.

“I have read your book and seen you speak. I appreciate your pragmatic approach to learning how to live again, sober.” – Leslie L.

“I am a food addict. I was thinking about why I have such a hard time getting back into recovery with the 12 steps of OA. A thought occurred to me- “addicts are cowards” I googled that phrase found your blog and have been a huge fan of yours since then. I am getting back into program and keep reading your blog. Keep it up!” – Kim

“Charlie, and I mean this as a sincere compliment, I am amazed that after so many years of abusing drugs your mind can be so clear and intelligent as to write something like this. I especially love the sentence, “Addiction is but a temporary state of ‘acquired’ powerlessness until the addict finds some guts to face life.” That’s it, isn’t it? The medical community is making it worse by ignoring the simple truth, and complicating matters, in the same way that therapists will make an abusive person worse by encouraging him to talk about what makes him angry, or his childhood wounds, instead of simply telling him to stop being an asshole.” – Anonymous

“I adore your blog Charlie. x” – Janet

“I wanted to thank you for speaking at our Rotary meeting… you were so refreshing and spoke so honestly about what an addict is really thinking when loved one’s are trying to help…that heir help is actually just enabling.” – Kimberly L.

“Thank you so much for your reply. I love that you answer so fully and with such heart. This makes perfect sense to me. I hope and pray she has undergone a fundamental change of character and is willing to listen.” –Anonymous

“Your blog is the only place I have found that actually describes my partner EXACTLY. The things you say about addicts and addiction match my experiences with my partner EXACTLY. How is it possible that all the “experts” out there miss the fact that addicts are mind-blowingly SELFISH? Really I just want to say thank you, sincerely. You’ve made the whole mess clear to me. Nothing is any easier but at least I don’t feel confused any longer. God bless you.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for this blog and all your service of carrying the message.” – Anonymous

“’You have to remember that the addict’s conscience has shriveled up like a prune and is virtually non-existent.” LOL! I’m pretty sure most of us who read your blog are only too aware of the state of our addicts’ consciences. But seriously Charlie, I think this is one of the best posts you’ve ever done. You’re getting better all the time at cutting right to the heart of things. Everything you say makes perfect sense. I’m so grateful to you for making this giant mess of a situation clear to me.” – Anonymous

“I shared this one with my addicted son:) not to mention other moms of addicts…thank you.” – Sally A.

“Charlie, I sent your book to my 30 year old son who is currently in jail for drug abuse. He was quite impressed by your story as he talked to me at length about it. If he finally gets what it takes to get better your story would have played a part in it.” – Anonymous


“Charlie, thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Your posts give me the comfort, courage, and strength to stay strong and do what I know is the right thing and that is letting my addict son go when it is the complete opposite of what a mother feels in her heart she should do.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for another insightful post. I recently learned that our adult son was addicted to both alcohol and drugs. I suspected the alcohol, but never suspected the drugs. Your book and your posts have been instrumental in helping me understand my son and his addictions, and work through the many issues that I have as his parent.” – Anonymous

 “Anon took the words right out of my mouth. You continue to amaze me with your hard core honesty. I NEED to hear this all. the. time. The part about moving in and getting comfy and then going off the rails is so true is scary. Thank you Charles for that bright light of truth you shine on this hard to understand subject… Bless you for all you’ve done Charlie. Again thank you my dear friend for helping me SO much. You really have no idea just how much you have…xo” – The Gardener’s Cottage

“Wow, this is very confronting and it is exactly what I needed to read today – thank you for sharing.” – Bren M.

“THANK YOU. Seriously, thank you. This is so unbelievably true.” – Anonymous

“I appreciate you Charlie for writing this excellent post. It shares very good understanding. Than you for sharing this with us.” – Dr. Basim E.

“Thank you so much for this post, Charlie. It is just what I need to hear right now. It is truly a relief to be reminded that I don’t need to wage war on my loved one’s addictions and selfish behavior – I always have the option of stepping back from the chaos. Which is just what I need to do right now – I need peace. I really, truly appreciate all the posts you have done lately for parents and partners of addicts. Please don’t ever think that this blog is useless, because you are providing a great deal of comfort, not to mention valuable understanding, to many people out there such as myself who are confused and hurting. God bless you.”- Anonymous

“I thank God everyday for men like you. Keep saving lives, bro. I’ve go so much love for you, Charlie. Your book made this shit click for me, man. I wouldn’t be here without you.” – Dave

“’Let the tornado spin around you if you want, but do not step in its path.’ – this sentence really resonated with me. Likewise, the discussion about self-sabotage increased my awareness in reference to my own addiction to misuse of food and being overweight, from which I am recovering. I feel and receive the love and caring you put out there in the world with your blog and book.” – Pamela

“I wish you could write a manual that would be required by all drug treatment facilities that say what you said here. Its all so true. I haven’t commented in a while but read every word you write (via email). You’ve helped me so much. Thanks” – Bar

“It is wonderful that you share what you learned and practice and offer occasions to think, grow and restore ourselves to sanity, with the help of God. Although I found comfort through the years from Al-Anon, your perspective on addiction and the power of the steps gave me the courage to let go of waiting for my alcoholic husband to change and take my son’s hand to enjoy life again. We have peace and much love at home. Your words reached me in Québec, they surely touched people who needed them, far away…” – -Anne