The Disease Model Lie

The disease model lie is one of two primary reasons addicts and alcoholics do not recover. It is the same for other self-created maladies such as obesity, gambling, sex addiction and on and on. Drugs and alcohol do not crawl up your chest and put themselves inside your mouth. Similarly, food does not shove itself down your throat, the casino dice do not roll themselves, and the body does not pleasure itself to orgasm without the mind first indulging in fantasy. You do not wake up one morning and suddenly you are a full fledged crackhead, heroin addict or alcoholic. Similarly, you do not wake up one day and suddenly weigh 400 pounds, or wake up bankrupt, or wake up ridden with a nice basket of STDs. You have to put considerable voluntary effort into becoming an addict or an alcoholic. You have to consciously mutate yourself into an addict by using drugs or drinking alcohol over and over and over again. Hence the disease model is a fallacy. You do not catch the disease of addiction. You are not a victim of addiction. You have victimized and destroyed yourself. You have turned yourself into an addict. Continue reading


Newsflash: Addicts don’t listen to removed, theoretical Harvard grads, scientists, doctors and psychologists. They listen to people who have used and felt the way they have… and then became free men and women, glowing with spirit and committed to health. Furthermore, any addict who is honest with themselves knows that he or she is spiritually ill and that drugs and alcohol are just symptoms. Our problem is not drugs and alcohol. Our problem is mental, emotional and spiritual. Being “educated” myself, which as it pertains to solving addiction is not a tool but a failure, I have found through life experience that “educated” individuals are often the most blind, clueless and crippled when it comes to serving addicts and applying solutions in the real world.

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