Excerpt from ACTS Chapter 12


…The 12th Step, like 10 and 11, goes on forever. We never stop helping people and working with others. Why? One, because it helps us to maintain our mental and emotional health and stability. Two, when we sit down with another person, we are bringing God into the room and perhaps into the other person, and anything that expands the presence of God within heals us and keeps us sane. Three, because it also lifts us up emotionally, which is perfect for those of us who are somewhat preoccupied with feeling good. And four, because it sets in motion the law of cause and effect, so any selfless action all but guarantees a good return. Continue reading

Excerpts from ACTS Chapter 9



Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.


In many ways, Step 9 may very well be the most intense of the Steps, for we are now going to face those we have harmed, which is bound to bring up some tough feelings for both us as well as the object of our amends. Some people may choose not to face us at all. Some might want to retaliate verbally, perhaps even physically. Institutions we have stolen from such as stores or banks may want to arrest us. In this Step, we are asked to be truly vulnerable. We are to come with total honesty and total humility. When we approach those we have harmed with this frame of mind, often people cannot help but react positively or be somewhat moved by our approach. There are no guarantees, but the more contrite and sincere we are, the better the odds. Continue reading