Just Because the Media Successfully Terrorized & Brainwashed You, That Is Not an Excuse to Drink, Use Drugs or Wallow in Depression

Addiction and alcoholism seem secondary at best in an age where we have to be bullied by the deranged ideology of radical liberalism in which Dr. Seuss gets banned for absolutely no reason whatsoever (few things in life are more insufferable than phony, virtue-signaling progressives), or where we are subjected to the well-coordinated communist takeover and the psychopathology of the current triumvirate and their self-righteous, citizen minions in which we are stripped of our God-given freedom and human rights. But because we find ourselves in the midst of absolute tyranny, we should address the issue of addiction and lockdowns… Continue reading

The Status Quo Treatment Centers of Today are Based on Lies, Relapse and More Drugs… and are a Total Disservice to Our Loved Ones

Aside from the current worldwide coup against the people, one great travesty and disservice of today is the prevalence of useless, insurance-funded treatment centers. You might as well spend 30 days getting brainwashed by social justice warriors who preach victimhood as if it is a new religion. What pains me is that the very teeth have been taken out of recovery, and worse, God has been taken out of AA. There is no AA without God, as the very conception and purpose of AA is to teach the sick man or woman a set of spiritual actions in order to bring him or her closer to God. So I’m not exactly sure what the fuck secular AA means, but logically speaking, the term is a textbook oxymoron. Continue reading

Until We Change Who We Are Through Moral Action, There Is No Recovery

Drugs and alcohol are just a side-show. We are not getting better from drug and alcohol addiction but from the person we have become. We become addicts through selfish action, so we logically recover through unselfish action.


Charlie, You speak the truth. Your message and approach is spot on. I recently read your two books and many of your blog posts. I’m an alcoholic who just got sober a month ago. I’m in A.A. and working the steps. I’m 38 years old, married, father of two with a good career, but have been an immature and selfish person my whole life. I got to the point where I couldn’t stand the person I had become. I hated myself for being such a weak person in many areas of my life. I let fear, misguided resentments, and self seeking behavior rule my life. I love how you lay out a plan of ACTION. I’m jumping in and giving the steps my all. I’m figuring it out as I go, but I’m moving forward. I have no interest in just sitting around in meetings without advancing through the steps with purpose and urgency. I understand that what I want is on the other side of the necessary actions that are uncomfortable and intimidating. I’ve reconnected locally with an old timer with 25 years of sobriety who is a no BS guy to help me with questions and to give me some guidance when needed. But I know it’s on me to take the right action. Let me know if there are any groups/people you recommend I connect with too. I live in Southern CA but like to meet as many like minded people as I can. I wish you all the best man. And thanks for telling it like it is. It’s a breath of fresh air and it’s just the truth. It really resonated with me and got me going down the right path. -Cole

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Failure to Understand Addiction = Failure to Understand the Solution



Your blog has helped me dramatically as a daughter of an alcoholic. So many people say it’s a disease & that confuses me! That takes the accountability off the person & they are only the victim….hmmm? It is extremely painful to watch the one you love be so destructive & you are powerless to help them…except to walk away & let go & let God, then you have helped them. Because ultimately God is the way to recovery. He sent his son in the world to save us from sin. And that’s what addiction is- sin! Jesus is the way the truth and the life!

I wanted to share this link about alcoholism & the Biblical view~


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Excerpt from ACTS Chapter 12


…The 12th Step, like 10 and 11, goes on forever. We never stop helping people and working with others. Why? One, because it helps us to maintain our mental and emotional health and stability. Two, when we sit down with another person, we are bringing God into the room and perhaps into the other person, and anything that expands the presence of God within heals us and keeps us sane. Three, because it also lifts us up emotionally, which is perfect for those of us who are somewhat preoccupied with feeling good. And four, because it sets in motion the law of cause and effect, so any selfless action all but guarantees a good return. Continue reading