To Invalidate the Immorality of Addiction Is Doing the Devil’s Work

I am fully convinced that the new-age, collectivist push to invalidate the immorality of addiction, and more specifically the behavior of addicts and the inevitable effects of that behavior, to be the work of the devil. Modern progressives and cultural Marxists have indeed co-opted science, sanity and sense. Everything you hear today about so-called science is essentially a joke, or just a lie. The truth is elusive – it is so simple and easy to see and grasp yet so difficult for those who’ve been dulled, numbed, poisoned and weakened mentally to a degree that is beyond repair. When you spend a lifetime ingesting poison of all kinds and when you have become brainwashed by your puppet masters, your entire world is a lie – down is up, wrong is right, lies are truth and on and on in the matrix. Continue reading

Fundamental Error

     As long as our recovery revolves around focusing on drugs and alcohol, we will never get better…

     Why does conventional treatment fail miserably to fix an addict for any length of time?

     Because they will forever commit a fundamental error. Their belief is that if you are a drug addict or an alcoholic then you must focus on drugs and alcohol to get better. In fact, the more we focus on our drug and alcohol problem, the more we talk about it, the more we treat it with therapy, groups, medications and relapse prevention, the further away from real recovery we get. Sounds backwards, right?

     Actually, the truth is that it’s backwards to focus our attention on drugs and alcohol, on our drug and alcohol problem. Our problem has little to do with drugs and alcohol, but for some reason they don’t get it. It has nothing to do with triggers, predispositions, the alcoholic allele, our parents, our upbringing, peer pressure, our bio-chemistry, our feelings, thoughts or circumstances. Nothing. Sorry, but NOPE.

     Our only problem is spiritual, and so must be our solution. The only thing wrong with us is that we have no relationship with God. That’s all. It’s that simple. Recovery amounts to nothing more than taking actions which bring us closer to God and improve our conscious contact with Him.

God, please remove the universal veil of bullshit that smothers our understanding of addiction…