Everything is Backwards

Orwell and Rand and Hayek and all the rest were right. The world has gone mad, and everything is backwards. Everything that is wrong and evil is celebrated, encouraged and embraced, while everything right and good is smeared, demonized and forbidden. That discussion runs outside the scope of this blog, of course, so I suppose we can limit this to the very misguided efforts to ‘fight the stigma’ of addiction. How absurd.

What are stigmas? Why do they exist? We stigmatize things that we can universally or culturally agree are abhorrent (think totalitarian communism until every liberal and a few elitist psychopaths went bat shit insane). Why would addiction be any different? Wouldn’t any sane person want to avoid being and behaving like a drug addict or an alcoholic? Isn’t it rational and reasonable to stigmatize addiction and all that it entails? What is not to stigmatize about lying, stealing, manipulating, deceiving, gluttony, pathological selfishness, abusing others and killing oneself?


It is not difficult to see the nonsense in accepting addiction, but let’s dig a little deeper to see just how deranged and degenerate this sort of progressive activism is. Fighting or ending the stigma tells the drug addict or the alcoholic that it is perfectly okay to be a drug addict or an alcoholic. We are to believe that it is not our fault and better yet, “there is nothing wrong with it at all! This is who I am, and nobody should frown upon my drug and alcohol abuse, what I do to myself or what I do to others! Being a drug addict is perfectly natural! Some people get the illness and some don’t. Simple as that. And those that catch it are not to be blamed or judged or told what to do! They are to be accepted and embraced for who they are… especially since it’s an involuntary, blameless disease and nothing can be done about it anyway!’


Who doesn’t see how absolutely insane that sounds?

To be sure, ‘fighting the stigma’ is clever. It is really a marketing slogan for dependency, big government and big business recovery. Don’t worry, stay an addict, we’ll take care of you.

Much worse is what this does the already sick mind of an addict. Addicts and alcoholics have come to believe the worst thing they could believe – that there is nothing wrong with being an addict, that it is okay to be an addict, to relapse every week or every day, to refuse to grow up and become an adult, to be completely self-absorbed at all time, to seek greater comfort 24/7 no matter who or what that comes at the expense of… and that the world no longer has the right to judge or criticize what we do. Don’t you worry about a thing because the social justice thugs will demand everyone embrace who you are and what you do. We will smear any individual who dares to mention any offensive words or phrases such as ‘personal responsibility’ or ‘hard work.’ Those people are just racists, most likely white males. Let’s burn everything down because the TV told me I am an oppressed victim, even though I’m not and even though I’ve never been one and never will be.

Or we could tell them the truth so they can tell themselves the truth…

There is nothing okay about being a drug addict or an alcoholic. There is nothing okay with using drugs or drinking alcohol over and over and over again until you finally cross that line and become a drug addict or an alcoholic. There is nothing okay with breaking your parents’ hearts and filling them with the greatest agony, terror and fear they will ever know. There is nothing okay with becoming a pathological liar so that you can use and drink the way you want to and remain in your comfort zone 24 hours a day like a fucking child. There is nothing okay with deceiving your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your friends and your employers. There is nothing okay with flying into rages and abusing people who love you just because you are not getting your way. There is nothing okay with self-induced mania or depression, which causes you to become hot and cold with those who love you. There is nothing okay with using and taking advantage of people. There is nothing okay with stealing. There is nothing okay with burning bridges, losing jobs and refusing to get up and work. There is nothing okay with expecting the world to take care of you just because you want to pretend to be a victim and whine about how you feel all fucking day. There is nothing okay with being entitled and whining that you have the right to take what someone else has made. Sickening. There is nothing okay with accepting taxpayer funded methadone so you can stay high all day, never do shit with your life and never get better at all. There is nothing okay with becoming a complete narcissist. None of that is okay and all of it is a moral failure. All of it is sin.

Sorry, but that is the truth. What happened to the truth? Why don’t we tell addicts and alcoholics the truth anymore? Why don’t we tell anyone the truth about anything anymore? Have we forgotten our history? How did everything get so upside down and ass backwards? All I can say is we better be careful or soon drug addiction and alcoholism and depression and feelings and being offended by everything will be the least of our problems.

I pray that we all find God and do what is right. I pray for our country and for the preservation of freedom. I pray for the future of our children and grandchildren.