Everything Good Is God

     “Faced with this problem, if a doctor is honest with himself, he must sometimes feel his own inadequacy. Although he gives all that is in him, it is often not enough. One feels that something more than human power is needed to produce this essential psychic change. Though the aggregate of recoveries resulting from psychiatric effort is considerable, we physicians must admit we have made little impression upon the problem as a whole. Many types do not respond to the ordinary psychological approach.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, The Doctor’s Opinion, xxix

      I do not and will never take credit for the work I did and for the resulting miracles in my life. Sure I made an effort and did some work BUT everything good that I do is powered by God and is God. Additionally, all good things that have come to me as a result of the work I’ve done are from God and are God. I believe that will all my heart.

     Yes, getting better requires some hard work. But the thing that actually changes us, removes the mental obsession and restores us to sanity, that is God. There is no becoming recovered without the assistance of God. And because I am certain of that, I am also certain that GOD exists. God exists whether we believe it or not. There is a truth out there, and there is a spiritual world. There is much more happening here than we can see, hear and touch. So to deny God and the angels, is really to deny ourselves.

     We should get on the right side of that trade, if you will. And speaking of trades and investments, the US dollar will most certainly be collapsing at some point, thus utterly destroying your savings and everything you have worked so hard for. This may occur after a deflationary contraction (as the parabolic debt bubble explodes) that will trigger an unspeakable onslaught of central bank money printing. All central banks are simultaneously devaluing their currencies (i.e. stealing your money and thus your time, energy, work & freedom), and the US dollar collapse won’t spare anyone. And hey, we really shouldn’t be surprised when this happens because we elected these insane dumbasses. You will likely see gold and silver fly through the roof (as their prices are simply a barometer of economic health and that of fiat currencies) and enter a bubble, just like housing, but much, much bigger.

     Don’t forget to sell at the top… unless there is a new monetary system by then that is backed by sound money, but that’s not likely, because unbacked paper money is how we are controlled, marginalized, and ultimately robbed by the powers that be. It’s also how the banks get bailed out after crashing the economy and destroying the wealth of millions. The money to bail them out doesn’t exist, it is printed out of thin air, and thus we get screwed twice through taxes and inflation. And to make you even sicker, guess what the banking elite does with your hard-earned, now watered-down bailout dollars? Yup, that’s right, take billions in subsidized bonuses even though they should be in jail for committing crimes and for being the very dumbest business minds on the planet, along with the FOMC committee.

NOTE: Above is not financial advice. Same with addiction. I have decided not to reply personally to any comments to protect myself from libel or slander, of which I have often been a victim. But oh, the sheer comedy of trying to destroy a reputation that is one or two steps above sewer garbage anyway! However, I want everyone who has reached out and taken the time to comment to know that I am with you all. I will forever remain to pray with you for your loved ones. God Bless You All.

God, teach me to be still and know… 

‘Debt Collapse’ Educational Video


     As addicts, it is very important for us not to engage in any sort of “I am a victim” attitude, as if life is so tough for us, and oh the burden that we have to endure being addicts. Um, we made ourselves addicts, remember?  We chose to use over and over again like a pig until we broke ourselves. So nothing made us addicts except for our cowardice. It is equally important for us not to pat ourselves on the back or give ourselves medals for getting better, or rather, for choosing to stop hurting others. And finally, it is imperative that we do not take credit for what we have done. The truth is that we BARELY deserve what we still have, and if we have any chance of rebuilding our lives, we must live in humility. We must forever remain under God, repelling arrogance of any sort.

     The moment we begin bronzing trophies for ourselves, it is game over. The moment we begin taking credit for recovering and for the blessings in our lives, it is game over. This doesn’t mean that we go around hating ourselves, self-deprecating or being someone else’s doormat. On the contrary, true humility is real strength. Humility means that we have the right attitude.

     But the moment we get cocky is the moment we get sick again, as our ability to be honest starts crumbling. Then we lose awareness of what we are thinking, saying and doing. We begin failing to see how we are affecting others. We stop feeling how we are affecting others. Then we are insane, and if we haven’t already relapsed at that point, we relapse. Then we’re on a full blown run until we either wind up in detox again, or in jail, or in the graveyard. And now we can really pat ourselves on the back for we have managed to once again rip everything and everyone to shreds, break the hearts of those closest to us, sabotage everything good in our lives, and bring enduring shame to our family and any semblance of a good name we once had. Good job.

God, please give me the willingness, courage and strength to live by Your principle of humility…

Taking Credit

     Who really gets us better?

     I pretty much figured that if I was going to recover, it was ME that was going to do it. Arrogance. I couldn’t even wrap my head around the idea that something else could fix me, especially something intangible and other-worldly. Enslaved by my ego, I became saturated with pride and self-love. I could only conceive of my own power. I’m the only one who can fix or change myself. I accomplish everything because I’m Charlie f’ing Peabody! 

     Addicts love to take credit for every good thing that happens to them, for every accomplishment no matter how minute. They simply can’t handle the possibility or even the idea that something else may be responsible for what they have achieved or what they have been blessed with. If they land a great job, it’s all them. If they make a bunch of money, it’s all them. If they meet a loving, loyal spouse, it’s all them. If they are showered with good friends and abundance, then yup, it’s all because of them. They create everything… unless it’s something negative. Then it’s suddenly someone else’s fault. This is the sad result of our narrow mind and pathological self-centeredness. We’ve become too small and too dumb to see greater powers at work. We need others to see what we can accomplish, how brilliant and talented we are.

     The sheer comedy of all this is that doing things my way, my genius way, landed me in a locked detox/psychiatric ward with my ass hanging out of a hospital johnny. So after failing repeatedly to control, shape and mold my life, desperately trying to exert my will, it was such a great RELIEF to just let go and rely on something other than my fucked up head to guide me through life. When I stopped trying to get myself better, that’s the moment I began to really change.

     So I don’t take credit for what changed me, for what removed the obsession to drink and use drugs. I don’t take credit for the things I’ve accomplished since I got sober. I don’t take credit for all of the miracles and blessings in my life. I don’t look around to see my wonderful life now and think, Wow, look what I did! I’m so the man! I’m so amazing and talented and strong! I can conquer anything! 

     You know who is strong? GOD.

     To note, I don’t really help the sponsees who happen to come my way. If someone gets better because of the work they’ve done as a result of my sponsorship, then all I did was arrange the meeting and it was God and God alone who fixed this person. I had nothing to do with it. So if you’re an addict and you are tempted to tap yourself on the back for something you just did, try not to. Chances are you didn’t have too much to do with it.

God, everything good that I do and that I have is from You and is You…