Replacing Addiction With The Love of God – Chapter 2 “Anybody Can Take Steps”

I wrote this book years ago with the intention to make the solution approachable and accessible to those with particular cynicism and aversion to the truth of God. I would write it differently now as my conviction to Biblical truth is certain and firm beyond my own human grasp. I wrote a blog years ago about agnostics etc and this is not a bet to taken lightly. It is also not a bet to define on your own, to suit your own conception built from pride or ego. Yes, God exists, and so does His son, Jesus Christ, and the truth of His gospels. Please read them and you will see how important this is for your life, your soul and your relationship to God. Do not be fooled by new-age spirituality. The devil is a charmer and comes cloaked with enticing words and ideas. But we are not God and we do not save ourselves. New age spirituality loves to promote this type of narcissism. But the truth is you are created by God and everything good that you do is powered by God and everything good that you have is given to you by God. So ask yourself, why is it that you can believe in God but not the Son of Man? How can you believe in the word of God but not accept his Son and truth of His gospel? The only answer is pride, and this is precisely what fuels Satan. This is what Satan wants you to believe. The evidence and proof of God and Christ the Son is there. Proof of God is all around you. Just open your eyes. All maladies are different manifestations of the same underlying problem: spiritual illness. And pure logic thus dictates that a spiritual problem necessitates a spiritual solution. That solution is, as it was written, Jesus Christ. To deny Him is to deny God. Read your Bible. All the answers to life are right there. Continue reading

Step 1 – Self-Awareness & a Bit of Humility



Admitted we were powerless over          ?          – that our lives had become unmanageable.


     Many people today falsely believe the notion of powerlessness to imply permanent defeat, but defeat is by no means where the Twelve Steps intend us to stay. In fact, the very purpose of understanding what we are powerless over is to regain power. This concept is more about awareness, acceptance of our present reality, and experiencing some humility, all of which appropriately characterize a first crucial leap forward in our personal growth and evolution.  Continue reading

Commitment to Serve Addicts and Their Families

I’ve been accused of many things, the latest being that me simply writing about my life experience of taking right and spiritual action to get well is killing people. I’ve also been accused of being some self-promoter, out to make money and so forth. That one is perhaps the most comical, since this is all free. I’ve also never made money with books and freely give them away to anyone who asks. At the drop of a hat, I will agree to speak at an event, sober house, treatment center or parent support group, let alone sit down with any parent, spouse or addict to help them. So to continue with my commitment to serve addicts and their families, I’m going to post every chapter of, “Anybody Can Take Steps.” Today we will start with the “Introduction.” All I care about is people getting better, finding a meaningful purpose, serving those around them and establishing a relationship with our Lord. Continue reading

More on the Disease Model Delusion – A Self-Defeating, Victim Mindset

Often the truth is simple yet the lie is so enticingly dressed and with such worldly, crack-like appeal that we fall for it.

Two years ago, we underwent one of the most devious, tyrannical and objectively evil mind control psy-ops in world history – the covid-1984 hoax. All of it was bought hook, line and sinker by the general public because they have already been essentially hypnotized since birth. As soon as the trigger was sent, “BREAKING NEWS! DEADLY PANDEMIC!” everybody’s brains went insane, turning into slave-like zombies, crippled with fear, falling in line, shutting themselves off from everything, double masking with gloves on while driving alone… entering a state of permanent psychosis. In the blink of an eye, your neighbor and worse, their children, became lepers, dangerous poisons that must be avoided, culled, masked, isolated. You started jumping out of their way on the sidewalk like a complete lunatic. You also began to see yourself as virtuous and superior because you dutifully followed the orders of your worldly masters. You went from a typical sheep to paranoid schizophrenic in less than a week. This is proof that the majority have become slaves – controlled and manipulated by those with the knowledge and power to hack both our conscious and subconscious minds and turn us into utter lunatics. Continue reading

The Disease Model Lie

The disease model lie is one of two primary reasons addicts and alcoholics do not recover. It is the same for other self-created maladies such as obesity, gambling, sex addiction and on and on. Drugs and alcohol do not crawl up your chest and put themselves inside your mouth. Similarly, food does not shove itself down your throat, the casino dice do not roll themselves, and the body does not pleasure itself to orgasm without the mind first indulging in fantasy. You do not wake up one morning and suddenly you are a full fledged crackhead, heroin addict or alcoholic. Similarly, you do not wake up one day and suddenly weigh 400 pounds, or wake up bankrupt, or wake up ridden with a nice basket of STDs. You have to put considerable voluntary effort into becoming an addict or an alcoholic. You have to consciously mutate yourself into an addict by using drugs or drinking alcohol over and over and over again. Hence the disease model is a fallacy. You do not catch the disease of addiction. You are not a victim of addiction. You have victimized and destroyed yourself. You have turned yourself into an addict. Continue reading