Warped Addict Perceptions, Which Sadly Includes Most Non-Addicts & People In General

Addicts and alcoholics falsely believe that their circumstances in life are the cause (and therefore the fault) of external events, other people, or even the society/culture at large and the entire world. This idea that everyone is somehow a victim of something external is one of the most depraved and destructive poisons of our time. It is ripping apart the very fabric of society. It is ripping apart families, friends and even nature itself… that is, what is natural. It has co-opted media, education and science (whatever that is). It has induced mass mental illness… fueled of course by fear, all of which is an illusion. Anyone who believes anything the media or the government tells you and anyone who complies is either mentally ill, painfully stupid or insane – perhaps all three. Continue reading

New Privileged Addict Page on Telegram

Please pray and stay very close to our Lord God in these times. Trust me, darkness is upon us and it is going to get worse. Our job is to survive, to reject their death jab at all costs, and to grow spiritually. I should probably start a new blog because the truth about the world and how to navigate these times feels to me to be of the utmost importance. If you are an active alcoholic or drug addict, you must immediately find God, do the necessary work on yourself and then go protect and provide for your family. This is what real men and women do. It is time to grow up and get rid of the selfishness and the endless pile of sins holding you back. It is time to wake up and open your eyes. It is time to let the truth in and assume responsibility. It is time to stop being dependent on others or on the insane government. That is not an answer. They do not exist to help you. Turn your life over to God and your entire life will crack open and begin anew. Continue reading

The Ability to Enjoy Less

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates
“The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor.” – Chinese proverb


If happiness lies in the ability to enjoy less, then being an addict is the precise opposite of such a condition. So when we get better, we develop the ability to enjoy less. The more we simplify, the greater the pleasure in simple things. Continue reading



OMFG I love your no BS approach to 12stp recovery. Im very similar and have been for a number of years. It was such a relief when I found your site, almost validating. At so many meetings I go to in my town they just look and act all funky towards me for sharing my experience in a no BS way.
Thank you for your blogs.

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I am an addiction counselor and this is so refreshing to read. Thank you. The industry truly is mired in bullshit, to the degree that what we are serving up is quackery. For the record, a success rate of 05% is considered top quality care in the USA. A 05% success rate is essentially saying that because what we offer does not work, only 05% of those who use our methods actually get sober. What we sell works 05% of the time. Synanon had better results! The people behind the Jonestown massacre did better at getting people off the stuff! The problem is it is almost illegal to offend people in the modern world. I often compare it to a doctor who is forced to operate in a kitchen with only cooking and dining implements at his disposal.

One thing I would caution is that the use of sedatives in surgery does NOT count as a relapse, and putting your life in danger to preserve your sobriety defeats the point of recovery. You are not qualified to go against your doctors advice. The goal is not to avoid drugs and alcohol. That is simply the process by which the goal is achieved.

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