Do You Feel It?

     We must listen to our conscience if we are to return to sanity…
     If I can’t feel in my gut what is right and what is wrong, then there is something wrong with my program. We take Steps to restore our conscience and then it is up to us not to ignore these gut feelings.  If we feel something is right, we go and do it. If we feel that something is wrong, we avoid it at all costs. With the power to act or to refrain, we can now move away from the selfish part of our recovery and go help others. We can give back to the families, friends and the larger world that we have taken so much from. We can walk forward after walking backward for so long. It is now our responsibility to serve.

     Remember, addicts don’t deserve what we have. Sure we respect ourselves and we are nobody’s doormat… but we must never trample humility. If we have made it and recovered by some miracle, it is most certainly because we were CHOSEN to get better and to help others, not because we deserved it. Once we get involved in the Steps, we are in mystical territory. We must continue or bad things will happen. We must never ignore our conscience.

     By the way, YES, I still make tons of mistakes and I trample humility, regrettably. But if I do wrong, I don’t walk away and watch my soul slowly die. I make it right. And if I am too cooked or stupid to know that I wronged someone, please approach me and I swear to you that I will admit my wrongs and faults, and listen to all you have to say.

God, make me willing to change, grow and serve…

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