Does Praying for Others Really Work?


     Hi Charlie, how do you pray for others? It’s not that I don’t believe in God but it seems that prayers for my daughter and myself are missing something. I don’t feel the connection to God. Is it the same prayer so you can connect more deeply? Is it just anything that comes to your mind? I feel numb after dealing with my daughter’s addiction for the last 14 years.


     Does praying unselfishly for others always work? Unfortunately, no, but especially if that person is sick, as you are contending with their illness, with their lack of will and power, with the strength of whatever darkness is inside them. However, praying for others does change the energetic dynamic between the two of you, and perhaps between them and God, and we all know that miracles do happen. As well, praying earnestly and unselfishly for someone who is sick will have a positive effect on you. It is real love and any action of real love will work to heal you and help you to let go. Finally, it will keep you closer to God, so that is always a good thing.

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