Human Power

July 1, 2014
     External power (the opposite of internal or spiritual power) is simultaneously the most desired yet worst thing for human beings. The men and women with the most power in the world also have the sickest souls and must commit the gravest of sins to maintain their power, which they will only willingly cede over their dead bodies. Power is the heroin of the psychopath. Heroin is for cowards, but power is for confident, narcissistic psychopaths who worship only themselves and refuse to bow before anything, especially God.

     Physical, worldly power is the most intoxicating and seductive of drugs. The more power, the more possessed one becomes with self-worship, which is, by the way, the doctrine of satanism. So it would be fair to characterize those with the most power – the morons who run the country, the potus, the fed’s member banks, the IMF, BIS, CFR, etc. as some of the most dangerous souls on earth. They are perhaps the greatest threat to mankind that exists, along with the ideologues and the fundamentalist psychopaths.

     The second most dangerous worldly condition is cowardice, i.e. the rest of us. The people who hold the most power only hold it because the rest of the world, the ‘sheeple’, empower them. The masses of cowards give those in power their power. Therefore, external power is not necessarily real, it is simply a condition or construct we invent that can vanish as quickly as a vapor will suddenly disappear. Power is not a tangible or permanent thing. It is the greatest human illusion that exists, besides fear. It is only real because we believe it to be real, and it is only obtained and maintained through the power of suggestion and the gullible masses who will believe anything.

    So please remember this when you obey, conform, follow and fear those in power, for you are simply bowing to another idiot who defecates just like you and only believes he is important in his head. We are but tiny little specs of ignorance in the scope of Creation and beyond. There is nothing to fear. If you have lost your own small bit of power, then take it back. If you know something is right in your heart but it happens to be against the laws or rules of some tyrant, take back your power and do it anyway. If you know something is wrong but it is demanded by the tyrant, refuse to do it. How ironic that intellectual dissent is now considered to be treasonous in the land of the free. We have somehow procured loads of false human power to a handful of economically and historically illiterate narcissists and all we have to do to dissolve this structure is simply to think, speak and act for ourselves.

     We must also preserve and protect our families and the idea of family, as when families dissolve, the people lose control and that is just what those in power desire.

     I had a conversation the other day with a friend who was determined to convince me that we don’t own ourselves. This sort of media-driven, collectivist propaganda is becoming mainstream today… and it is some of the most dangerous thinking known to mankind. This is when people become slaves and those in power see themselves as saviors, become somewhat genocidal and say things like, “I’m really good at killing people [with drones].” We must never drink this sort of Kool Aid and give up ourselves and our freedom in the name of this degenerate doctrine of failure, envy and entitlement. It is simply a ruse for a handful of elite to maintain power by extracting all of it from everybody else… along with your wealth, time, energy, freedom, privacy, you name it.

     And needless to say, those of us who are the most productive and work the hardest will undoubtedly be the most screwed. Fraud and failure are now rewarded while success and productivity are punished. Power is the most dangerous game there is. If you jump in, try not to immediately sell your soul to the devil, as one day you may reap what you sow when the angry masses come and rip you apart.

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