Addict Newsflash: Pills Cannot Undo What We Have Done

     It isn’t possible to just take a pill or have some injection and be free from addiction. If you’ve been told that there is some miracle drug for addiction, you have been lied to. Trust me, that’s the whole point and the nature of addiction. It’s like destroying a relationship or committing a crime. You can’t just snap your fingers and undo it. You have to manually undo what you have done. Go ahead, try it. Call me from detox when you relapse.

     As well, no addict can just go out there and do it his or her way. That is also not possible, as doing things our way is the very thing that made us addicts to begin with! We must do things we do not want to do. We must live life on life’s terms. We must have faith in something much Greater than ourselves to guide us through this journey. We must drop the idea that our own intellect and faculties can get us better, because they cannot.

     Humility and reliance on God is essential. If you could do it on your own, then what are you doing being an emaciated addict? What are you doing in detox or rehab? What are you doing on substitution drugs and injections? Obviously we cannot do it on our own. If we do not let go of our arrogance, there is little hope we will make it. This should just be common sense, but as they say, common sense is uncommon.

God, please help others to understand the nature of addiction and recovery, that they may get better, serve, and give back to those they have stolen from…

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