If It Looks and Smells Like a Shit…

     … it’s probably a shit.    

     If it speaks selfishly, thinks selfishly and acts selfishly, it’s probably selfish.

     Why can’t we just call a spade a spade anymore?

     Understanding addiction and recovery does not require an advanced degree, although today one must question the contents of the degree itself. Why does the medical establishment refuse to admit that addiction is caused by nothing more than selfish action and it’s only defense is unselfish action?


     I tracked some more search results for you from the last day or so. The list is completely unedited except for omitting all the ‘privileged addict’ searches.

     Let the people whose lives are so deeply affected by us tell you the truth about addiction:

Why are drunks cowards?
Does alcoholism make you useless? (Lol, does the sun rise?)
are alcoholics selfish
alcoholics playing the victim
are all alcoholics selfish
why are alcoholics so selfish
addicted to being the victim
boyfriend is an alcoholic and our relationship will never be what I want
fear of writing my inventory
when an alcoholic tell you they care and then pushes you away
are alcoholics selfish
alcoholics are so selfish
addicts suck
recovering addicts still seflish
alcoholics are selfish
narcissist as victim
psychotherapy is a bunch of nonsense

alcohol treatment centers have watered down aa
alcoholic husband has everybody fooled
alcoholics are so selfish
why alcoholics hurt people
the hurt from an alcoholic
why are alcoholics so selfish
living amend
why is alcohol so selfish
alcohol broke my son’s spirit
recovering addicts never apologize
alcoholics are so annoying (um, no one says this about people with cancer)
why do alcoholics tell you they care…
alcoholics are selfish
are alcoholics selfish
aa how to become less selfish
how to love from a distance
examples of resentments
is someone selfish when they are an alcoholic
will the alcoholic miss me
mental obsession addiction
is alcoholism really a disease
dating an alcoholic
how to stay sober forever
addicted to victimhood
alcoholic men are pathetic and nasty
alcoholics are selfish
do alcoholics turn mean
alcohol and selfishness
recovering alcoholic is still so selfish
frothy emotional appeal
projection is active addiction
why triggers don’t exist
why does a person hurt the one the…
alcoholics are so annoying
can a narcissist change with God (A narcissist? Sorry, nope… although miracles happen;)
addicts that still have a moral compass (Huh?)
why are alcoholics selfish
why are addicts so selfish
alcoholics don’t care
why does he hurt us?

     God, teach me to better love people. Teach me how to make my family feel loved, safe and comforted, that they may have greater peace, happiness and joy. Teach me to let go completely and give my entire life over to You. Teach me to accept everything…

6 thoughts on “If It Looks and Smells Like a Shit…

  1. I agree with you Charlie, all the medical community seems to focus on is the disease concept. This does not seem to help addicts recover because it is drilled into their heads that they have a disease and can never be cured. The relapse is part of recovery theory also holds addicts back from recovery. Most of the posts that I read on Facebook are all about how it is not the addict's fault for using as they have a disease. If they were true no one would ever be able to find recovery. I get that once they use heroin, etc., that they change their brain chemistry, and that they crave the drug and will do anything to get it but they can always CHOOSE recovery. It isn't an excuse to lie and steal from their loved ones. There are issues with treatment and I agree those need to be addressed, if an addict is seeking recovery he/she should not have to wait weeks to be treated and I for one was not in a position to shell out $35,000 for rehab. We do need more rehabs that are state funded and accept insurance. I like what this young man has to say about treatment.

  2. I smile when I see this lists of search terms you post, Charlie, because I can feel the distress and hopeless of the people who wrote them and then I don't feel so alone. I wouldn't wish the torture of living with an addict on anyone, of course, but at least it's comforting to know that there are plenty of people out there who understand the sort of pain and frustration I live with each and every day.

  3. Charlie, thank you for writing your blog. I’m the mother of an alcoholic son. My baby, my first born. He’s 28 with a new baby. They live with my husband, younger son and I and for years he has made my life a living hell on earth. He has abused and hurt every family member and friend he has. The only reason I allowed him to move into our home is because of my new grandson and the fear I had of what would happen to him. He’s now in rehab for the 3rd time and I hope this time will work. My husband threw him out of our house yesterday because after several warnings he kept being verbally abusive to me but Monday it was going to get physical. My heart is broken and I don’t know if it will heal. I know it’s just the alcohol but he ALWAYS makes it about him and ALWAYS turns himself into the victim. To be honest, I’m ashamed because when he put his hands on me and asked me if “you wanna throw some punches” and told me I was “messing with the wrong devil” I punched him in the jaw!! That’s when my husband had enough. He was so drunk he couldn’t form a correct sentence or stand straight yet he drove home!!!! Please tell me there’s hope. The worst thing is that his girlfriend (the baby’s mother) is currently in jail and an opioid drug abuser and in turn heroine addict. What a drama I have. Why doesn’t my son see the big picture and why does he hate me so much?

  4. I had to write a reply in a new post as google says my response is too long to publish here in the comment section. Silly. See the new post, \”why does he hate me so much?\” God bless you.

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