Question Who You Are

     “Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours.” – Orrin Woodward

     It was the people who told me what I didn’t want to hear that saved my life.

     Perhaps the only chance we have is when someone finally challenges us, challenges our most precious and deep-seated beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, perceptions and opinions. Questioning who we are, what we are and what we think is vital to the growth of any human being, not just addicts. But the difference is that addicts MUST change or else we die. Normal people can continue to remain as blind as they please, but not so with addicts.

     In this sense, it’s better to be controversial than not to be. I realize that the mainstream/statist news puppets have made that term a dirty word by linking it to everything they want you to see as bad or anti-status quo. They love to report lies and berate guests for being “controversial”, as if being controversial, as if thinking and acting for yourself, as if being original and having your own ideas is somehow a bad thing.
     But the truth is that controversy is what makes the world turn. It is the very people who ARE controversial, who challenge the status quo, who challenge themselves and who challenge others, that make the world turn. So next time you hear some bullshit, try speaking up and see how you feel afterwards.

God, please shield me from becoming brainwashed and complicit… teach me to think, speak and act for myself…

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